Yoga Nidra Classes

Needed: yoga mat, pillow/cushion, eye pillow (not necessary, but helpful), anything you need to be comfortable These are yoga nidra classes in groups.

Have you given yourself any time to
experience a deep relaxation?

We need to be able to step back and
take time to rest and relax.

Yoga Nidra known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness is a systematic method of complete relaxation, addressing our physiological, neurological and subconscious needs. It is intended to induce full body relaxation and is an active form of meditation with incredible healing benefits, leaving the participant in a state of deep relaxation and fully rejuvenated (as in a good night sleep).

If you are able to fully surrender to the practice, it is entirely possible to lose body awareness all together, which would enable someone to go deep within the SELF.

Come and relax in one of the yoga nidra classes!


member $20 | non-member $25 CAD
Note: all prices are cad + hst