Wellness Center
Balance, Mind, Body & Soul

Bridging the Gap Wellness Center is the place in Haileybury that offers a full range wellness services.

Our Center is available to various holistic practitioners offering holistic methods to guide balance of the body, mind, heart and soul.

About Us

Wellness Center

This Center is available to host a variety of Service Providers, Facilitators, and Practitioners to offer holistic treatment and/or workshops.

Facilitators and Practitioners have the option to rent space by the hour, 1/2 day, full-day, or by the month.

It all includes access to WiFi, diffusers, salt lamps, candles, and Alexa Speaker. Access to a small storage space for someone coming regularly.

“Community is a big part of our Center. We love having facilitators and practitioners offering their services.”

Rollie Allaire, Owner of Bridging the Gap Wellness Center

Self-Serve Services

Health & Wellness

FLEX ION FOOT DETOX helps to detoxify organs, relieves headaches, arthritis, joint pain, enhances nutrient absorption, speeds up metabolism and aids in weight loss

ANTIPARASITIC ZAPPER helps boost your immune and kills pathogens. It does not affect intestinal flora.

MEDICAL INFRARED SAUNA helps to relieve stress, pain, quicker recovery, improve cardio health, detoxification, improve sleep, skin purification, and weight loss.

Fat Cellulite deposits begin to melt at 38 degrees C (101 degrees F). Massaging fatty tissue during your sauna session will help to break down these areas into smaller water clusters which can be more easily eliminated through the pores of the skin.

HIMALAYAN SALT DETOXER removes toxins, relaxes tired, and achy hands & feet

The Himalayan Salt Detoxer is both a pleasing, natural work of art and a powerful tool for rebalancing, revitalizing, and gently cleansing the body and mind. When the Himalayan Salt Detoxer is lit, both gentle light and warmth radiate from the smooth salt surface.

VIBRATION MASSAGE MAT SESSION has a massage mattress pad with 10 vibration motors providing a soothing massage on the tissues and muscles from the shoulder, upper/lower back to leg for full-body relaxation. With 5 Massage Modes and 3 intensity levels, 4 selective massage zones to meet your best needs.

Optional Heat Function and Shiatsu Neck Massager

LIGHT THERAPY is a way to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain other conditions by exposure to artificial light. SAD is a type of depression that occurs at a certain time each year, usually in the fall or winter.

Light therapy is thought to affect brain chemicals linked to mood and sleep, easing SAD symptoms.

EARTHING MAT SESSION is meant to provide the same benefits of grounding or earthing but indoors.

Grounding has been shown to help with every aspect of the sleeping process: improved morning fatigue, less nighttime pain, higher daytime energy, decreased cortisol levels and falling asleep faster.

Our Classes

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Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, and stable state.

Kids Stress Program

Programs for children and youth ages 4-18 uses creative and imaginative body-based techniques as a way to approach relaxation and mindfulness. Mindfulness is believed to be the key to good mental health, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, and emotional resilience.

Group Sessions

Groups are a wonderful way of connecting with others to share and deepen your healing practice. These groups come in many shapes and sizes and provide community, accountability, and supportive space to connect with others while steadying and enriching your practice.

Metaphysical Store

Metaphysical Store


This little shop is about all things magickal and holistic. Our mission is to complement the services offered within the Wellness Center by serving the needs of your mind, body, and soul. We carry a variety of things that help with healing the physical and metaphysical body, such as crystals, books, self-care products, sacred medicines, jewelry, etc.

There are no set store hours. Rollie is available to serve you around her client schedule.

We have two options to serve you.

Shop online 24/7 with the option for local delivery, shipping, or pick-up.

Shop Online 24/7

For in-person shopping you simply need to book an appointment that is convenient to you. Watch the Facebook and Instagram page for “random” walk-in availability. Rollie will open up at random for walk-ins around her client schedule. We realize it’s not the most convenient, but for the moment it is the most practical.  

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The Best of Holistic Wellness


Take control of your mind and body and nurture the inner balance that is conducive to physical, psychological, and social well-being.

Strength Building

Motivate each other to develop strengths, and to address any weaknesses.

Stress Relief

Bringing people together who are going through or have gone through similar experiences reminds us we are not alone.

Relax & Refresh

Gently steer your thoughts, your subconscious mind, learn how to gain distance from negative thoughts, and nurture more helpful ideas.

Beauty of Body

It’s essential that you address both your physical health needs and your mental health needs.

Mind & Soul

The soul is the spiritual nature of humankind. The mind is man’s faculty of thinking, reasoning, and applying knowledge.

The Get Away Room

Group Room

The Group Room is a multi-purpose room and can be used for meditation, training, team meeting, and a studio. Painted a beautiful Sunset Orange … a peaceful and relaxing time of day. It comes equipped with a TV as well to connect virtually.

Expert Practitioners

Meet Our Team

Rollie Allaire

Rollie Allaire

Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Rollie helps women with anxiety to soulfully master their emotions & align with their true power so they feel self-assured to connect when they feel most isolated.

Wendy Humphris-Belanger

Wendy Humphris-Belanger

Holistic Nutritionist

Wendy is a specializes in maintaining and restoring biochemistry and physiology in the body for optimum health and well-being through nutritional assessments and consulting and live blood analysis.

Dana Irvine

Dana Irvine

Holistic Health Coach & Thermographer

Dana specializes in helping women 45 + regain vitality, reduce inflammation, rebalance hormones, and perhaps even increases their libido. It is the small steps toward better health that create better habits.

Tamara MacDonald-Thomas

Tamara MacDonald-Thomas

Death Doula, First Aid Instructor & Reiki Healer

Tamara has taken her passions, love-for-life, and her specialized skills on her journey; to provide and facilitate unparalleled compassionate care for those nearing the end of their own life journey, and for their families, who truly require the most support.

Tracy Faulkner

Tracy Faulkner

Independent Brand Ambassador

As a mom of 4, Stepmother of 1, and Nana to 18, health and wellness are very important to me. I have witnessed, first hand, the effects of reactive medical treatments and of harmful chemicals in everyday products. This led me down the path of finding a more preventative, natural, and holistic approach to health and well-being.

Diane Howe

Diane Howe

Reflexologist & Massage

Since she was a child, Diane has loved caring for people. She trained in Reflexology originally to help family members. And moved into massage. She loves the ability to work with people, to help them through physical and emotional problems using essential oils, reflexology and massage.


What People Are Saying

“I was recommended to try the 3-month protocol to help with my health problems. I was living with chronic pain, anxiety, restless sleep, gut issues, weight gain, and breathing issues. The recommended treatments have helped immensely with many of these health factors. I feel better than I did a short 2 months ago, and better each day! I highly recommend trying this protocol offered here! Bonus on those -38*C evenings the sauna warms you up from the inside out!

Sabrina Aubin

“The amount of varied services provided is amazing. There is something for everyone. I love having the opportunity to go in, make myself a tea, sit and relax while sipping away. It’s a peaceful environment and I always feel lighter when I leave. The services have been so healing for me. I 100% recommend checking it out, you are bound to find something for yourself or someone else.”

Nadia Parent

“Nunc consequat justo eget enim finibus porta. Suspendisse orci nunc, rutrum quis nunc sed, feugiat hendrerit massa. In cursus ornare sollicitudin.”
Isabella Edwards Compbell

Studio Manager, Yoga Studio

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