Worry Warrior Program

Teens Ages 14+

Worry Warriors Program is a 6-week Youth Stress Program for ages 14-18

Everyone feels stressed from time to time.

We can’t always control the things that cause stress, but we can control how we cope with stress.

Like adults, youth feel stress too. Youth feel stressed for the same reasons as adults—they have a lot to deal with! Day-to-day demands like going to school, making friends, fitting in, and getting along with siblings are stressful.

Youth may feel more stress at certain times, such as starting school, moving, experiencing changes in their body, or coping with illness or loss in the family.

Youth may have different ways of showing and dealing with stressors in their lives. For instance, they may complain of stomach aches, have difficulty sleeping, act out, be irritable or angry, or withdraw from others when stressed.

In these sessions, we will teach different tactics they may find helpful including:

Healthy Living: A healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating, physical activity, and good sleep habits, are good for everyone.

Healthy Thinking: Healthy thinking means thinking in a balanced way, and it’s very important when we deal with stress. Learn how to change unhelpful thoughts to helpful thoughts.

Problem-solving: Working your way through problems is a helpful way to manage stress.

Fun, relaxation, and time for friends: It is always important to know that they are not alone. We will spend time practicing relaxation exercises like mindfulness, visualization, or deep breathing.

Each session is closed for the 6-weeks to allow the group to feel comfortable with each other. Based on the group, we will choose a theme for the 6-week session. A new session will open up to allow more youth to join.

These are 90-minute classes on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm
Must sign up for a session which is 5 or 6 weeks

Bridging the Gap Wellness Center, 498 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury

*Limits reduced from 10 participants to 5 participants, due to current restrictions. These limits will change once restrictions have been lifted


2021-22 Bundle (38 classes) $646+ HST $729.98
September 9, 2021 – June 23, 2022


Fall Season (15 classes) Cost $270+ HST $305.10
September 9 – December 23 2021

Session 1: September 9-October 14
Cost for 6 weeks: $120+ HST $135.60

Session 2: October 21-November 25 (excluding Remembrance Day)
Cost for 5 weeks: $100+ HST $113.00

Session 3: December 2-December 23
Cost for 4 weeks: $80+ HST $90.40


Winter Season (11 classes) Cost $198+ HST $223.74
January 6 – March 25 2022

Session 1: January 6-February 10
Cost for 6 weeks: $120+ HST $135.60

Session 2: February 17-March 25 (excluding March Break)
Cost for 5 weeks: $100+ HST $113.00


Spring Season (12 classes) Cost $216+ HST $244.08
April 7 – June 23, 2022

Session 1: April 7-May 12
Cost for 6 weeks: $120+ HST $135.60

Session 2: May 19-June 23
Cost for 6 weeks: $120+ HST $135.60

I am a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach whose Spirit name is Geegado Megwan Kwe, which means Talking Feather Woman.​​

In this program, I help children learn to manage and cope with stress and anxiety in play and interaction with other children. 

I have 3 different age groups where I offer these to the youth in the community throughout the School Year. 

Little Star is for children ages 4-8 on Tuesdays 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm in 4-week sessions. 

Mindful Hearts is for children ages 9-13 on Wednesdays 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm in 6-week sessions. 

Worry Warriors is for teens ages 14+ on Thursdays 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm in 6-week sessions.