4th Annual Women Inspiring Women
Self Love: I AM Enough. You ARE Enough.

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Amy S Wallace – Life and Love Enthusiast

Amy is a Professional Wedding Officiant, Inspirational Speaker, and Life Enthusiast inspiring the world one audience at a time.

Her ideal clients are couples who want their ceremonies to be as unique as their love story.

Large and small groups and corporations looking for a way to brighten their lives. To transition from the survival of one appointment, deadline and obligation, sleep and repeat, into lives they, and their teams, genuinely love living.

Health organizations, who understand in order to heal the body you must heal the mind, the soul, and the heart.
Individuals that are dealing with chronic illness, diagnosis, or simply lives that are making them sick, who want to wake up in the morning grateful to be alive with anticipation in their hearts.

She works with clients one on one, in large workshop settings, small events, health, and wellness coaching through functional integrative practices and live events.

The Best Worst Year of my Life

Diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 20, a single mother of twin babies I was forced to look in the mirror and discover the magic looking back at me.

I didn’t see magic at first, in fact, it took quite some time. With the encouragement of my oncologist, a pivotal moment in prayer, and a determination to be the mother of my babies I learned the healing only happens when I love myself.

I’m not talking about a casual, I love me, I learned to love all the bits and pieces of me and to release my need for survival in exchange for my desire to live.


Getting Older and Growing Stronger

I advocate for a positive psychology of female ageing. As a year-round cold water swimmer, at 61 my physical and mental ability increases each year.

Is there a false belief that as we age we should slow down and reduce our expectations of what we can achieve physically, mentally and of growth in other areas of life achievement?

The notion that we can grow stronger as we get older is not one that is promoted socially with many women subtlety accepting that old age brings a decline in energy, body functioning, declining health and fortitude. Let’s change that idea.


I am a Positive Psychologist and Women’s Empowerment Coach.
I work with clients in an evidence-based practice, structured whilst remaining flexible enough to be tailored to individual needs. Person-focused and trauma-informed, I have advanced coaching skills and work with attention to detail helping my clients recognize their own potential and their ability to create a life on their own terms.
Growing beyond my own self-limiting beliefs, I set my own targets in which I continue to achieve in mind, body, and spirit.
A mum of 3, entrepreneur and cold-water swimmer, training to swim an Ice Mile.



Your Amazing World curates Products, Services and Life Tools that embrace the holistic self-care trifecta of Mind, Body and Soul. These pillars of wellness work in harmony to build the foundation of a truly Amazing life––mental health, physical health and community.
We provide free training, resources, coaching, and community in our Facebook group and on our blog Upcycled Adulting. In addition, we provide paid deep-dive workshops, programs, and one on one coaching.

All of our products and services are designed to facilitate lasting, sustainable transformation using a small step approach to create long-term change. We bring order and clarity to chaos and purpose to apathy so our clients can confidently show up as their authentic selves, identify and pursue their passion and purpose, and build a life they’re proud of!

Create a Powerful Affirmation Practice

In my presentation, I’ll explain the scientific evidence that affirmations work. They change the way your brain functions creating new neural pathways which circumvent old ways of thinking and limiting beliefs. I’ll also explain the broad impacts of affirmations on everything from physical health to relationships, global citizenship, career, and challenge tolerance. In addition, I will share the missing link in creating a powerful affirmation practice, creating neutral affirmations that you actually believe. And finally, I’ll share how to write powerful affirmations and create a daily routine including your affirmation practice so it easily becomes a habit.



Charlotte has reframed the loss of her career into an opportunity to delve into writing and speaking. One of her superpowers is her curiosity. As people she meets keep telling her that she has an ability to make sense and clarity out of the complexities that are Life, she sees it as her purpose to help people see how small changes in your mindset can make big changes in your life.



Cool headed = warm hearted?

When I was made redundant from my job as an airline pilot during the covid pandemic I found that my mindset is what kept me optimistic, and that resilience came from turning many “truths” upside down or inside out. Our brains and our minds really are mighty! Let’s make them our friends instead of our enemies, make them work for us instead of against us. It is so much You can do to take control of how you perceive your life and hence develop your resilience and increase your happiness. Let me tell you how.


Touch Your Tatta’s

Are you feeling OUT OF CONTROL? Are you fed up, exhausted, have you lost yourself? LIFE should not be this difficult! It’s time to embrace the new woman you are and finally, understand menopause, breast health, hormones, and nutrition to transform YOU – with MORE energy, vitality, and more libido.

Let me help you through these life changes.

I’m Dana Irvine and I’m here to transform you from fed-up to faith-fueled to become the Wise Divine Women you are meant to be!

Touch Your Tatta’s is a Breast Health Workshop for women of any age – Learn about the importance of dry brushing, rebounding, food/nutrition, lymph massage, and essential oils.


Dana Irvine: Mind Body Table Coach and Thermography Medical Clinic

Dana is a mom of three and has been married for 24 years. She has been a professional hospitality and event planner for several years but felt the need to create and coach healthier lifestyles for women.

The true awakening of Dana’s journey happened in 2018 when her sister died from Brain Cancer. Life spun out of control. Why? How? What were the signs? All the pain and uncertainty brought her to her mission: coaching women about disease prevention, self-care, and living life to the fullest potential.

Dana’s insightfulness and compassion for women shines through her message reaching as many women as possible with the Wise Divine Women Podcast.




Message from Dana Irvine “Women Inspiring Women, I am Enough is an incredible event and I thank you for participating this year.”

Here is your Life Time Access to the Touch Your Tatta’s Workshop




Elizabeth Martin-Chan

Elizabeth Martin-Chan is the host of The Rebellious Body podcast where she pursues personal empowerment hidden in the mysterious embodied self. She disturbs the brain/body hierarchy which places the brain on a pedestal while dismissing and shaming body wisdom.

Elizabeth is The Witchy Empowerment Coach. She collaborates with menstruators (of various ages, stages, and identities) who are tired of the status quo. Co-conspiring to loving re-member who they are, and to developing passionate relationships with their power cauldron (aka their pelvic bowl). Employing her unique The Body is a Revolution method, Elizabeth bears witness as individuals stand in their personal power and unleash a life led by their passions.

Elizabeth’s ideal client has spent years doing what is expected. They have only known how to focus on pleasing others. They are at a point in their lives where they feel lost. They have no idea anymore what they want, or what has meaning for them. They have no connection to themselves. They feel disempowered, disconnected, and unworthy.



From Bloody Secret to Bloody Genius

The most powerful tool our culture uses against us, is embodied shame. My self-healing journey painfully revealed this truth, and a bloody secret.

Our bodies are our source of empowerment. Where we experience the rhythm of who we are, source our creativity, and connect with the sacred. Systematic taboos point us to the wellsprings of our genius.
This presentation will explore empowerment through the menstrual cycle. Discover a method for claiming a relationship with your cycle. Set recurring patterns into an understandable context. Leave with the foundations for building relationship with your innate power. Unleash your bloody genius.


How to Rise From the Ashes

Do you feel powerless after a past filled with trauma? Are you ready to turn it around? Are you ready to stop acting like a doormat and start speaking up for yourself? Do you feel like there’s something more that you’re missing in your life? Are you ready to discover a joy for life that you’ve never felt before and create the life you really want? Sound like you? This presentation is filled with life-changing lightbulb moments that you won’t want to miss! Let’s be honest, reclaiming your life after childhood trauma can be a tricky path. Join me as I explore how to overcome the fear.


Better Life Coaching with Emily C.

Emily Cleghorn is a Body, Mind and Business coach.

Why do I focus on body, mind and business? Well, simply put, they are all very closely tied together. If one is not cared for; they all suffer.

Building a successful business can be a challenge. It’s even more challenging when your physical and emotional health aren’t being cared for. That’s why, the programs and services I offer at Better Life coaching are designed specifically with entrepreneurial women in mind.

Better life coaching with Emily C. offers programs that nurture the whole woman. Body, mind and business. Personal 1:1 coaching, group coaching, courses and downloads all aimed at elevating you to the best version of yourself that you can be.





Erin Esser

Erin is a Master Possibility Coach, Speaker, Author, and Mom on a mission to empower women by using questions instead of gurus or google to evoke the curiosity and courage that it takes to live a fulfilled and aligned life.

She is often coined as the ‘Question Queen’. She has earned that title by living by the mantra: life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved. When you spend time with Erin, you’ll begin to naturally see and remove the misbeliefs and blocks that you once thought you had, and she will guide you to the answers that are within you so that you can tap into your own infinite playground of possibility.

“What else is possible that you have never even imagined?”

Erin calls this the Life is a Playground of Possibility Movement.


Mastering Your Emotions

We live in a world where emotions are not welcomed and often shamed … especially BIG and intense emotions. If you grew up in a home with an unhealthy emotional environment, chances are you learned similar unhealthy patterns. Not being able to navigate through our emotions in a healthy way produces an inner battleground where shame and guilt end up running the show and then easy to fall prey to addictive and self-sabotaging behaviors. In this talk, Erin shares 3 simple components that when you start using them, will produce self-awareness, more fulfillment, and more possibility in all areas of your life.


Be all you imagine; become your own hero

The Power of a Hero—it’s such a strong word? When you hear the word “hero,” is the first image that comes to mind the reflection you see in the mirror? Most people do not realize the immense power available whenever they need it. Where does that power come from? From within. Jin Shin Jyutsu gives each of us enough to be our best each moment. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to use Jin Shin Jyutsu to support and nourish each of us physically, mentally, and emotionally; learn simple self-care routines that are easy for women to fit self-care into their already-full schedules helping reduce stress and anxiety.


Key Elements for Health

Key Elements for Health empowers you to live a healthy and vibrant life. We do this through the use of an art named Jin Shin Jyutsu. Clients receive private sessions and can register for self-empowerment classes; we all have the innate power to help heal ourselves. Jin Shin Jyutsu helps bring balance to all aspects of life: physical, mental and emotional. When these cornerstones are in balance vibrancy fill your life. Jin Shin Jyutsu helps Fibromyalgia, sore muscles, stiff back, mental well-being, and stress to name a few. Jin Shin Jyutsu supports, nourishes, build and enhances all the systems of our body energy intelligence bringing balance to body, mind, and spirit.



Learn more about Flourishing Through Change Membership



Heidi Hadley

Total Somatics is an online membership consisting of mindset principles and mindful Somatic movement to release chronically tight muscles. Within this structured online membership, Heidi Hadley breaks down the concepts to deliver an easy to follow and implement format. The Total Somatics membership program consists of ongoing support with live online workshops, Q&A sessions and other methods of teaching.

Total Somatics involves mind and body communication by improving neural pathways in your brain to break old habits such as poor posture and re-educate your body back to better health. Learn how and why creating a self-care routine is imperative for long term emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual resilience.


Total Somatics

Heidi Hadley will delve into the how your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health affects the way you move, think, behave, and the influence your subconscious has throughout your day.

Learn how your amazing mind and body absorbs everything you encounter, molding you to the person you are today.

Within this presentation, Heidi will teach you how you can change your physical and emotional state with Clinical Somatic Movement plus Mindset principles and techniques.

You will learn how a 3 step process can create powerful shifts in the state of your nervous system, allowing you to live with reduced pain/discomfort plus greater emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual resilience.


Any special offer will be added here


Healing the Inner Child

We often wonder what “IT” is stopping us from moving forward in life. Whether in relationships, professional life, personal development, or some other area of your life. By addressing the Inner Child, we dig deeper to find out where the root issue started. This can include emotions such as fears, feeling anxious, anger, and frustration just to name a few. Once we identify where the emotional pain emerged from, we work on releasing the past hurts and thus healing the wounds and merging the child to the adult self. This allows your heart, mind, body, and soul to be connected as one, healthy being.


Healing Life Hypnosis LTD

Huma Haider is a passionate and successful Hypnotist with the main focus to help people with their challenges – big or small!. Being trained in a wide range of modalities she is recognized for bearing phenomenal results with her clients in as little as one session. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, she conducts multiple online sessions with clients globally. Huma has also won The Mississauga News Reader’s Choice Awards 2020 for Holistic Health and Best Hypnosis! From releasing negative self-sabotaging beliefs, Inner Child Healing to working on various other challenges, be it physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. Huma’s passion to help others is clearly visible with the successful feedback she receives from her clients.




Joana Ardelean

Career Coaching from a human resources executive: achieve your career dreams with a proven research based framework. Catapult your career to VP level with ease and confidence, all while living a beautifully balanced and fulfilled life.

Joana offers coaching services to professionals who aspire to move up the career ladder, but feel stuck or burned out. She personally started out as an immigrant to the US with $100 in her pocket and escalated her career to executive within 6 years. She has now conducted 2 years worth of research, interviewed professionals from around the world in all different professions and have built a framework that provides not only the technical ingredients to move through different levels of leadership, but also the mental changes needed for success on all fronts professional and personal.

Join My Book Launch Team, Get Copy of the Book and Behind the Scenes Book Launching Process

Key Success Ingredients to Move from Team Member to Executive Cheatsheet

Extraordinary Career while Living a Beautifully Balanced and Fulfilled Life

The critical ingredients that turn ambitious professionals into incredible leaders during a pandemic economy – straight from the lion’s (Human Resources’) mouth.

A proven research-based framework that provides not only the technical ingredients to move through different levels of leadership, but also the mental changes needed for success on all fronts – professional and personal. The cherry on top – this presentation will teach you how to catapult your career with ease and confidence, all while living a beautifully balanced and fulfilled life.

If you are an ambitious professional-feeling stuck or burned out, this presentation is for you.


Discover Your Voice, Power and Worth

The talk/presentation will include an introduction about who I am and my struggles of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and how I overcame this and am now using the lesson to now run a business. This will lead to an introduction into the power of the Subconscious mind and how this affects us on a daily basis, an explanation of trauma and past life regression, and how this can lead to limiting beliefs that can be reprogrammed to support you in your personal and professional life.

The talk will dive into the link between Spirituality and Business – bringing in the Law of Attraction, abundance, and prosperity into your life.


Karishma Sharma

Karishma Sharma is a Spiritual Business Coach and breakthrough expert. She is Certified Spiritual and Business Coach in New Thought and currently training as a Spiritual Practitioner (all based around New Thought – Metaphysics, Science of Mind, Quantum Physics).

She helps women who feel unseen, unheard, and unloved to discover their voice, power, and worth by overcoming blocks that are holding them back so they can move faster in their personal and professional life.

She currently offers 1:1 Coaching for clients which includes deep trauma work, inner child healing, identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, reprogramming the subconscious mind, past life regressions, releasing of negative charges and low vibration in the body, energetic healing, spiritual guidance, and practices including business guidance.

She also uses her business as a platform to be a voice for those who come from backgrounds where mental health, talking about feelings, breaking the norm, women’s status are taboo topics or suppressed.



Brilliant Chic

Brilliant Chic is dedicated to equipping women CEOs and emerging leaders to power up their presence so they can skyrocket their influence, impact, and income without worrying about what to wear.

Founder and Style Confidence Coach, LaToya Bell, leveraged her experience in strategic planning, continuous improvement, and project leadership along with a Masters of Education degree in Human Resource Development, certification as a Color and Image Consultant to create the Powerhouse Image Framework.

Through live workshops, online courses, private coaching, featured expo presentations, women’s conferences, and more, LaToya has helped thousands of purpose-driven women dress with purpose and shine with confidence from the inside-out.



Power Up Your Presence

Presence is more powerful than any project, program, or proposal you can put forward. Nothing will create space or open doors apart from truly owning your gifts and packaging them in your own authority and brilliance.

Yet, for most vision-driven women, it’s an underutilized advantage. Overlooking this can be costly — and keep you hidden and playing small!

In this fun, interactive, talk I will share a simple framework for getting your style in sync with who you truly are and owning your place in the world with authenticity, class, and confidence from the inside-out.


Worthless Victim to Worthy Victor

The brain tumour, the wife, the love-child, and the assault. My talk is my own ‘hero’s journey’ full of twists and turns, highs and lows, of how I went from worthless victim to worthy victor. As a Master Hypnotherapist, I know only too well the power of stories, to empower and inspire.

My speech is inspirational and embedded with teachings but mainly that the fundamental key to true happiness and success is believing you are worthy of it! My talk will be about 20 mins followed by a wonderful visualization of about 10 mins. The final time will be sharing how I can help you, incredible women further.


Lisa Edwards

Lisa Edwards is an Inspirational Storyteller, bestselling author, and Self-Belief Success Chieftess.

She is a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy™ NLP, and a student of Havening Techniques®. Using the best of these modalities, Lisa empowers women to overcome imposter syndrome, align with their purpose, and move forwards with complete inner confidence, self-worth, and self-belief.

She is part woo-woo, part sciencey, and part crazy (well, who isn’t?). Her philosophy in life is to live it with as much colour and variety as possible! She has trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Skydived for charity, and ridden a toboggan down from The Great Wall of China.




Lori From Head to Heart

From very young age, Lori McCalla knew, that she cared about how everyone treated each other, how kindness for each other is most important. That part of her got buried as life happened.

Through her journey to heal the wounds life presented, that part of me that got buried, came to the surface. And she realized why she became a Certified Life Coach. She also learned that kindness and grace starts with the self.

She is a Certified Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner.


Uncovering Self Love

There are many things that cover the self love that lives inside each of us. Walls we built as children to protect our hearts, beliefs of others we take as our own, wounds, survival mechanisms, shame, self-abuse. Becoming aware of these things starts the journey of uncovering. It’s a process and a practice. I don’t believe we need to heal. We are whole. We are enough. We need to hear and feel our emotions. We need to validate ourselves … our grown selves and the child in us. This eases the pain and changes the grip our wounds have on us.


Living Contently ~ How Yoga and Meditation Can Help

Yoga helps us to open our hearts, eyes and minds to all we have and all we are. Meditation helps us deal with the thoughts that enter our minds that try to distract us from all we are and all we have. Together, Yoga and Meditation are powerful tools at our fingertips that help us to live more often at ease and in a state of contentment knowing that we are all enough. Join me for an empowering session of breath, movement, and techniques to use every day to live more fully and contently.


Lorrie Mickelson ~ HabitGuru365

Lorrie Mickelson is a practicing HabitGuru. She is obsessed with habits and routines and how they can be stepping stones to a healthier and happier life. She offers classes, courses and programs to women in their “me now” years who want to get fitter, be more fearless and feel more fabulous day by day, habit by habit. The secret is easy doable movements and thought hacks and techniques that can be easily habit stacked in to your day. These little gems are fun, effective and are designed for success. They will have you feeling your awesome self in no time.



Growing from Enoughness Workbook


The 10 Habits of Highly Happy People FREEBIE



Maggie Chilton

Maggie Chilton is on a mission to empower women to set themselves free to help them transition into a life that they are excited about. A life that they love, where they can grow into who they truly are and be free of the blocks, trauma, and past events holding them back.

She is qualified in and utilizes Transformology® to help you create lasting change. Creatrix® Transformology® is the only process that we know of in the world, that was designed SPECIFICALLY around Epigenetics that talks the language of the Female Unconscious to break long-lasting INTER-GENERATIONAL cycles.

The method she uses is formulated UNIQUELY for women’s minds. Psychology would be jealous of the results we get. She knows women are different from men and more prone to emotional sensitivity and suppressive issues, so this process respectfully considers this.

Learn to say no, so you can say YES to YOU!

Redefine your definition of success. Every woman is capable of achieving incredible things – but you can’t always do it alone.


From Sabotage to Success

For women who want effortless success but can’t stop sabotaging their results. We will dive into how men and women are different on many levels, we have different filters, we run on a Pink Print® and we can create permanent change by connecting to what is already within us.

As women we are wired to worry, but not about a looming board meeting or month-end numbers. As women, we are wired to worry about our children, our family, and our friends. We are designed to see connection, acceptance, inclusion, and caring for others is innate – the world is different for us, to tap into this can shift everything!


The Value of ONE

Why you are Enough!
What you give Matters!
The Value of ONE!

Do you ever question your value? Why do you suppose that is?

The value of ONE will encourage you that YOU are Enough. Your value in this world is Enough. The passions you bring have the ability to not only change your life but can also greatly impact the lives of others thus infusing hope in an otherwise hopeless world.

You too can be light in the darkness of your own Soul and can light the way to others along this Journey of Life.

How you ask? Come find out.


Whispers of Wisdom

Maggie Morris is an Authentic Caring, Sensitive Soul with a Passion for nurturing others with her Soul love. Maggie lives her gifts of service to humanity through her generosity and her ability to ignite the flame in others to see their limitless possibilities. Maggie uses her intuition and connection with Spirit to be an example of strength and courage to all she meets. Now as an Author, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Mindfulness Master/Mentor, Meditation Facilitator, and Death Doula, Maggie continues to pursue her passions as well as help those she connects with to find Healing. Maggie loves and lives to encourage others to passionately become their Authentic Self by choosing healing through letting go of limiting beliefs that hold you back.





Old Mission Resort

Old Mission Resort is a Hidden Gem nestled in one of the loveliest bays overlooking Lake Temiskaming. A haven sheltered by high rock cliffs, old growth pine, endless trails, remote mile long shorelines … all yours to discover at your leisure. The resort is located off the grid, ideal for those wishing to reconnect with Nature and replenish their sense of well-being. A perfect spot for your Family Reunion, Corporate Getaway, or a Wilderness Retreat among friends. There is a plethora of outdoor activities to choose from at Old Mission Resort, however, we are working towards an experiential tourism product that ties into the heritage, arts & culture of the region as well providing retreats & excursions in natural settings to escape the stresses and rigors of modern life. Every aspect of Old Mission Resort is meant to create an atmosphere of tranquility and simplicity, where you can go to be reinvigorated by unspoiled Nature.


The Wonder of You!

What do snowflakes, stars and sand all have in common with You? If you’re feeling off-ended by people who’ve judged you; dis-heart-end by lost opportunities; or bound by limiting beliefs that prevent you from being your best self, then it’s time to celebrate You! You’re not defined by your career, your job, or by others’ opinion of you but rather who you believe you are as a person and what you strive to be in this life. Embrace your inner self and enjoy being as unique as a snowflake … because not a single crystallized raindrop is the same as another.


Change Your Day From ARGHHH to AHHHH

Join Best-Selling Author, Retreat Guide, Teacher, and Coach Paula Strupeck Gardner to learn and engage with simple ways to turn your days into moments to savor. In this retreat-like session, we’ll create tiny rituals out of routines, enjoy gentle movement, discern ways to integrate awareness into things you already do, reframe to-do’s into ta-da’s…just a few of the EveryDay Ways we’ll explore to support and enhance your journey to experience yourself as Worthy of Wings. And because ease is the foundation of all strength and flexibility of mind, body, spirit, we’ll close with a restoring position accompanied by the healing sounds of Himalayan bowls. Hand-outs will be provided.


Worthy of Wings

Worthy of Wings provides retreats of varying lengths and locations (including online) to support and enhance women’s journeys to living their lives from their heart of hearts. Retreats are geared to participants’ needs and wants and frequently include gentle movement, restorative yoga, sound healing, creative collaboration, lots of laughter, nature, travel, support, service, connection, sharing. Forest bathing, yoga (as appropriate to the individuals within the group), ayurveda principles and applications also play an important part in our time together. WOW also offers individualized online retreats that are created for and accessible to participants who want to enjoy inspiration and soothing sessions on their own time and at their own pace.





Rollie Allaire, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Rollie Allaire is a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach whose Spirit name is Geegado Megwan Kwe, which means Talking Feather Woman.​​

Since 2001, Rollie has drawn on her extensive career background of clinical psychotherapy skills and – in recent years – combined that with Energy Work, Chakra work, Crystal Reiki, ThetaHealing, Akashic Record reading and clearings, meditation, Moon Medicine teachings, and looking at life through the Medicine Wheel in the form of Life & Wellness Coaching and Facilitating.

She helps women with anxiety by giving them the ability to soulfully master their emotions, connect to their true power and learn to feel better in order to take massive action in their life so that they gain confidence, feel self-assured, strong, happy, and surround themselves with a supportive, connected community when they feel most isolated.


My Relationship with Anxiety

Anxiety has controlled my life from the time that I was a little girl. This included constant worry, perfectionism, and an eating disorder. There’s always the question of what came first, “the chicken or the egg” that’s the question with my anxiety. What I do know is that it is that anxiety is more than just mindset. We often will hear that you just need to change your mindset and the anxiety will go away. I will share some of the strategies and techniques that I have used and share with my clients on how to manage and overcome anxiety.


Enough Already!

How does not being enough & playing small factor into the story we tell ourselves. How does this keep us safe & our true essence hidden from ourselves & the world? How can connecting to our bodies & spirits begin the conversation to healing the “I’m not enough” narrative?

In this session, I invite you to connect with your body in a way that brings awareness to the conversation that your body is having with you on a regular basis. During this deep connection we can awaken an awareness of our spirit & visit the I’m not enough narrative. Be open to possibilities & make space for miracles.


The Healing Place

Sherry Jibb shares her passion for movement, breath and healing with her clients. Empowering, inspiring & educating women in midlife to connect with their breath, move with ease & think positively.

Sherry creates an experience for her clients that connects them to their body & spirit, creating an awareness that promotes healing.

Sherry is the owner of The Healing Place Yoga, Pilates & Reiki Studio which is both an in person and virtual studio.

The Healing Place is a place of healing, a place to support you with movement that empowers your body. A place where you can learn to connect with your breath to calm your mind and fuel your body. A place where you can become aware of your thoughts.






Kuvalaya by Suzanne Mongrain-Smith is her soul project. She has released a mantra album in September 2020 which is available on all digital music platforms. She offers workshops and chanting circles for beginners and more advanced levels. She also offer a free live meditation on her Kuvalaya facebook page every Monday morning. She is a qualified Nada Yoga and Sanskrit Mantra Teacher from the Heart of Sound Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course. She is offering her services to Yoga Teachers and YTT Programs to help them with chanting and learning proper Sanskrit pronunciation. She loves collaborating with yoga studios and artistic venues!


Good Vibrations!

In this presentation, I am going to explain how the practice of chanting can help us deal with everyday stress and anxiety. Learning to feel and listen to the vibrations created by our voices can really help us to learn to meditate and calm our nervous system. It is also a way to communicate with our higher selves, our divinity. On a practical level, we will explore the power of the mantra AUM by chanting together. I will take you through each letter of the word and lead you to a full AUM chanting meditation.


Build Your Dreams From Your Passion

I would like to speak about how I came to be an End of Life Doula and Grief support worker, and the importance of what I do. With an emphasis on never giving up, and understanding you are enough and you can do it.

I grew up like most in the non-perfect situation, was a teenaged mom who struggled to stay out of the system. After years of education and hard work, I built my business from my passion for live well die well.

My mission is to Inspire, Empower and Support community’s and family’s to Live well and Die well


Guiding Hand Inc

Tamara is a Giving Loving Soul who gives it all in everything she does. From a very young age, Tamara had to make a grown-up choice to take the bad and ugly and turn it into sugar and spice. Tamara has taken her passions, love-for-life, and her specialized skills on her journey; to provide and facilitate unparalleled compassionate care and education programs for those wanting to live well and die well. Tamara founded her dream business where her mission is to inspire, empower, and support those nearing the end of their own life journey, and for their families, who truly require the most support. As well as End of Life support, Tamara also finds great joy in teaching First Aid/CPR to both individuals and businesses doing her part to preserve the value of all life. She does not let fear or being told she “can’t” hold her back … She takes that can’t and turns it into a big Hell Yes I Can … Tamara’s generosity & enthusiasm are contagious!




Essentials ~ Spiritual Awakening ~ Healing Centre

Welcome to our sacred temple space where we honour your sovereign divinity and that of all beings. We invite your Higher Self to uplift your human awareness to be held in divine love, grace and receptivity as we serve you through the unconditional compassion of our heart and healing hands. It is our greatest joy to offer professional, friendly service in a peaceful and inspiring environment.

Services: Healing, Self-Empowerment, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Vibration, Higher Self Activation and Chakra Balance Sessions, Elemental Healing, Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Esthetics and more.

Virtual appointments available


I AM Worthy Wonderful Blessed & Beautiful

It is my great honour to be on this journey together, thank you. You are invited to relax your body, free your mind, and open your sacred heart as we embark on an intuitive experience of movement, meditation, relaxation, and sound healing. Embody your Higher Self as we commune directly with Source Consciousness and Mother Earth, welcoming our Angels and Guides. Feel how loved and supported you are in our shared and equal sovereign divinity as you discover how to activate your divine genome, flick on the switches to your unique gifts and talents while exploring our limitless nature.