4th Annual Women Inspiring Women
Self Love: I AM Enough. You ARE Enough.

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This Dashboard is the central information hub for Self-Love: I AM Enough. You ARE Enough. 4th Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference. In this reception area, you will find:

• Access to the WIW 2021 Stage
• Access to Our WIW 2021 Help Desk
• Digital Downloads of Documents
• Bonus Activities to Complete After Each Session
• And Much More!

The dashboard is an easy way to stay connected and find everything you need in one organized place. The dashboard is where you will come to each day to access your session room, and it is your go-to resource for updates, information, and technical support over the 3 days.

Additionally, your dashboard is customized specifically for you. No one but you will be able to see how you answer the Bonus Activity Questions. The dashboard also shows your Leaderboard positioning and your Wowza Points (your key to bonuses and special prizes all week).

For anyone who attended Live still has access to our PRIVATE CHAT in Discord in our "Conference Chat Server".

Inside the Facebook group, there is a tutorial to show you how to use it.

PRO TIP: Download the APP to prevent any connection issues. Suggestion, if possible, use two different devices.

It’s time to earn some WOWZA POINTS!

You can earn points and win prizes simply through your active participation throughout the 3 days of WIW 2021.

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All the fun interactive fun happened over the weekend on the Stage. Please move to the Video Room and the Exhibitor’s Lobby to catch the REPLAYS connect with our Speakers and our Exhibitors.

If you have signed up for our LIFETIME REPLAY ACCESS, Welcome!!!

We have a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to connect for anyone new.

For our WEEKEND WARRIORS, we still have access to our Discord Chat Server. No one new will able to join these discussions.


WEEKEND PASS ACCESS ends Tuesday, March 9 at 11:59 pm EST

You can purchase the REPLAY ACCESS at a discounted rate of $97 CAD. See your email for the discount code that will expire on March 25.

Anyone who was registered prior to February 18 already has FULL ACCESS and your access will NEVER expire.

All PRE-RECORDED SPEAKER VIDEOS will be made available on Wednesday, March 10.

Do you have a friend, family member, or client that would be interested in REPLY ACCESS, please direct them to the main page and have them use the discount code shared with you in your email. It is not a public discount code https://rollieallaire.ca/women-inspiring-women-2021


All the fun will be happening on the Stage. On the Stage you will find the Zoom link to join today’s session (note: the Zoom link will change for each day.

Agenda for tonight

10:00 AM Welcome Back
10:15 AM Opening Ceremony
11:00 AM Enough Already! with Sherry Jibb
12:00 PM Lunch/Games/ Scavenger Hunt
1:30 PM Be all you imagine; become your own hero with Gail Okray
2:30 PM Build Your Dreams From Your Passion with Tamara Mac Donald
3:30 PM Break
3:45 PM The Value of ONE with Maggie Morris
4:30 PM Prizes
5:00 PM Closing Ceremony
5:30 PM Final Gathering
7:30 PM End

Note: subject to change without notice


All the fun will be happening on the Stage. On the Stage you will find the Zoom link to join today’s session (note: the Zoom link will change for each day.

Agenda for tonight

9:00 AM Welcome Back
9:15 AM Opening Ceremony
9:45 AM Living Contently ~ How Yoga and Meditation Can Help with Lorrie Mickelson
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Worthless Victim to Worthy Victor with Lisa Edwards
12:00 PM Lunch, Games/ Scavenger Hunt
1:00 PM Good Vibrations! with Suzanne Mongrain-Smith
2:00 PM Healing the Inner Child with Huma Haider
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM The Best Worst Year of my Life with Amy S Wallace
4:30 PM The Wonder of You! with Patricia Hewitt
5:30 PM Dinner, Games/ Scavenger Hunt
6:00 PM Change Your Day From ARGHHH to AHHHH with Paula Strupeck Gardner
7:00 PM Total Somatics with Heidi Hadley
8:00 PM Social
9:00 PM I AM Worthy Wonderful Blessed & Beautiful with Terri Ann Radiance
9:45 PM Closin

Note: subject to change without notice


All the fun will be happening on the Stage. On the Stage you will find the Zoom link to join tonight’s session (note: the Zoom link will change for each day.

Agenda for tonight

6:00 PM Welcome, Housekeeping, International Women’s Day Address, Introduction of Exhibitors Expo by various women in business

6:15 PM My Relationship with Anxiety with Rollie Allaire

6:45 PM Touch Your Tatta’s with Dana Irvine

7:45 PM Mastering Your Emotions with Erin Esser

8:45 PM How to Rise From the Ashes with Emily Cleghorn

9:45 PM Closing

Note: subject to change without notice

WIW 2021 – Friday

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
Topic: Friday
When: Mar 5, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 815 8088 1987
Passcode: 20200715

Go to Stage to join on the website



Each day we encourage you to arrive 15 – 30 minutes prior to the event start. This will allow you time to be settled in and get in the right energetic state for the day ahead.


Our Schedule is as follows:
Friday, March 5th: 6:00pm-10:00pm EST
Saturday, March 6th: 9:00am-10:00pm EST
Sunday, March 7th: 10:00am-5:30pm EST BONUS SOCIAL: 5:30pm-7:30pm EST

With this in mind, please plan your meals, snacks, caffeine, and hydration accordingly.


The WIW Team will be available during all regularly scheduled sessions through our Virtual Help Desk. Should you experience any technical difficulties, have questions about your current programs or new programs, have general questions of any kind, or need any support, this is your place to go.


Here are guidelines for how you can show up and make the most of your event weekend.


With most virtual events, video is one-way. This makes it more difficult for the host and attendees to be engaged and feel connected. Please remain muted while our Speakers/Presenters are sharing.

We ask that you enable your webcam throughout the event, as Rollie and her team, as well as your fellow attendees, can see you and feel your energy, making these 3 days one of the most fun and valuable experiences you have ever been a part of.

HELPFUL HINT: Be aware of your surroundings. If you need a restroom break, be sure to turn off your webcam if you take your device with you. Also, pay attention to what is in your background and in view of your webcam.


Being present is the best gift you can give yourself! Resist the urge to take excessive notes vs listening and capturing Big Rock ideas and concepts. Place your phone on DO NOT DISTURB and turn off your email, skype, and/or text notifications to minimize distractions. Make plans in advance to support your family with their meals and activities so you can be dialed in.

Additionally, quite frequently throughout the 3 days of Rollie and the team will place you into “breakout rooms” with your fellow attendees. These breakouts are essential activities in WIW Virtual! PLEASE PARTICIPATE. Do not use these breakouts to run errands or check your phone. The fellow attendees are in your breakout to support you and your vision and you support theirs.


• Listen to your body • Get plenty of sleep • Eat healthily • Stay hydrated & caffeinated • Plan your meals in advance • Have snacks on hand •


This is a live virtual event. Rollie has planned a very thoughtful series of activities and content. Please block out all of the event times on your calendar and make a commitment to attend all of the sessions.


Less clutter, more clarity. It is believed that less clutter makes it easier for you to learn. Keep your workspace tidy and comfortable, and ideally free of distractions and away from the “high traffic areas” of your home.



What They Say

“The energy of sisterhood, the connections made, the drumming ceremonies, time for healing, and releasing of wounds. As a result of this conference, I plan to … Show myself unconditional love … always and forevermore?” Natasha B.

As a result of this conference, I plan to move forward with my healing path.” Johanne Charbonneau

As a result of this conference, I plan to … Empower myself. Make time for myself. Go back to basics and breathe ❤️ Drink and appreciate water ?. Look at myself in the mirror as I am beautiful ?.” Christine J.S.

As a result of this conference, I plan to … Lead a life of self-acceptance and more self-compassion. Celebrating my successes.” Amilie C.

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing weekend surrounded with like-minded women, gaining insight, inspiration, and just Live, Love, Laughing fun.