There never seems to be enough time for ME!
As women, we’ve become disconnected.
Disconnected from our community!
Disconnected from our traditions!
Disconnected from ourselves!

A full weekend conference of personal development not to be missed!

Walk away with new resources and tools, actionable skills, and meaningful connections with yourself and others.

This weekend is in conjunction with

International Women’s Day.

This is not just “another day” when you are living it,

EVERY DAY is International Women’s Day.

Every day SHOULD be OUR day.

Over the course of these 3 days, we will cover 
• Finding yourself, finding your voice
• Connecting with a sense of Spiritually … a connection with a “Higher Power” however that looks for you
• Practical tools for creating balance
• Ways to stop the “crazies”, “hamster wheel” or the “monkey mind” … that incessant chatter 
• Finding or reinforcing your Self-care and Self-worth.

It is a GREAT HONOUR to have Traditional Grandmothers lead our event with the Welcoming Song. Thank you Marilyn Chevrier-Wills, Liliane Ethier and Marcia Brown for accepting our request and taking the lead with other local Grandmothers.

As we were blessed at last year’s event to have Carole Sabourin-Clouthier and Karen Beland take the lead on behalf of the Grandmothers when they were unable to join, due to illness. It is a GREAT BLESSING that you will be joining us again this year.

The Grandmothers and their Helpers will provide the teachings and blessings of the Water Ceremony as we gather with other women throughout this weekend.

To end the weekend, the Grandmothers and their Helpers will send us all away with the Travelling Song.

Grandmothers’ Helpers:

Carole Sabourin-Clouthier and Karen Beland

Chi-Meegwich. Marsee. Merci. Thank You.

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