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I am finally seeing progress. I’ve been MIA. Not having everything at your fingertips is certainly a challenge. For the last few weeks, while working in my office, I’ve been dodging bins and boxes. Most of my office stuff was put on the porch. My husband commented yesterday on the fact that it is almost emptied. That’s such a great sign! 

I seem to be moving around really well. There are times when I don’t feel like I’m limping, while other times that it’s definitely still noticeable.

What’s coming up?

The Kid’s Stress Program is all set up for registration to be opened.

  • Little Star Program is for school-aged children 4-8 (JK-Grade 3). Learn more
  • Mindful Hearts Program is for children 9-13 (Grade 4-8). Learn more 

Shopping has still not resumed, however next Saturday, I will be joining the Haileybury Block Party.

In-person sessions are resuming next week. I will be able to offer Energy Healing Sessions, Massage Vibration Mat Sessions, Grounding Mat Sessions, and Ionic Foot Detox Sessions. I have been offering 1:1 Coaching Sessions, so they will resume.

little star


There are two upcoming retreats scheduled. 

Rhythm for Your Soul is our Annual Fall Women’s Retreat coming up September 9-11. Spaces are limited. Currently we have 9 spots available. Sign up or learn more

New this year is our Mother/Daughter Retreat. This is for Moms and daughters (aged 9-18). We will be focussing on increasing connection, communication, and strengthening relationships. This is taking place September 30-October 2. Sign up or learn more 

Both of these Retreats are held at Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge, completely Off-the-Grid with no contact to the outside world.

Summit – The Secret Power of 7

Starting the week of August 22 a group of phenomenal practitioners will be coming together to share in various forms The Secret Power of 7. 

7 is one of those numbers that have had significance throughout the World, including the 7 Wonders of the World or 7 Days of the Week. We will be focussing on that magical number to bring you great tools to bring more balance and health into your world. 

We will be sharing more next week, stay tuned.


As all of this comes together, I will be taking my holidays the week of August 29. This traditionally has been the week that I would take when my children were younger to have that final “hoorah” before school would start. This year, the school year (in our area anyway) starts during this week. My personal focus during this time will be to re-establish routines in our new home so that I can serve my clients most effectively after the September long weekend.

Thank You

I want to thank all of my clients who have been very supportive during these last couple of months as I continue to mend my broken leg and set up in our new location. Neither of these are easy on their own, but having them both happen at the same time has really given me some perspective. 

Once I am cleared to begin more physical activities, I will be revisiting my exercise routines. One of which will be using the stairs to my advantage.

I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you during our Summit – The Secret Power of 7.