About Rollie’s Offerings:

Rollie Allaire, also known by her indigenous name Geegado Megwan Kwe, which translates to “Talking Feather Woman”, embodies a journey of cultural rediscovery and healing. As a proud Métis woman with Ojibwe heritage, Rollie is deeply committed to preserving and sharing the wisdom of her ancestors, aiming to weave these traditions into the fabric of our future, ensuring they are celebrated and integrated into our collective consciousness.

With more than twenty years of dedicated service in the mental health field, Rollie has honed her expertise in offering transformative care to those facing life’s most daunting challenges. Her approach is rich in diversity, encompassing a wide range of therapeutic interventions and counseling strategies. These are meticulously tailored to assist individuals and families navigating through stress, relationship issues, substance misuse, and the aftermath of traumatic experiences, among other concerns.

Rollie‘s role as a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach enables her to provide clients with the tools and perspectives necessary for reclaiming their autonomy and embarking on a journey towards improved mental and emotional well-being. Her methodology is underpinned by empathy, respect, and an unwavering commitment to advocate for and support her clients. Whether addressing smoking cessation, anger management, anxiety, depression, financial counselling, or goal setting, Rollie‘s comprehensive experience and holistic view make her an invaluable asset to those seeking to enhance their quality of life.

Her career is a testament to the power of empathy and non-judgment, which has allowed numerous individuals and families to rewrite their narratives, transforming adversities into stories of triumph. Rollie‘s deep belief in understanding, compassion, and targeted intervention fuels her desire to uplift communities, foster resilience, and ensure the continuity of cultural heritage and mental wellness across generations.

Rollie is excited to offer a range of programs, classes, and workshops designed to support healing and transformation, particularly for women overwhelmed by anxiety. These offerings are available both live and for individual learning, accommodating different needs and schedules. From Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based content to practical implementation tips, all programs provide an opportunity to engage directly with Rollie through private groups. This ensures a supportive community environment where growth and connection are at the forefront.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, Rollie offers in-person Health & Wellness Sessions exclusively at her Haileybury location on Cecil Street, strictly by appointment. Furthermore, Rollie facilitates a unique “Stand in Your Truth Call” aimed at exploring and overcoming communication blocks in personal relationships, offering an empowering step towards confident self-expression. Book Now

To join Rollie in this transformative journey and explore the programs tailored to nurturing your well-being, booking links for group or individual sessions are available at the end of this message. Embrace this opportunity to be guided by a compassionate practitioner dedicated to fostering resilience, understanding, and holistic healing.


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