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Bridging the Gap Wellness Center

Bridging the Gap Wellness Center

Bridging the Gap Wellness Center is the place in Haileybury to a full range wellness services. Our Center is available to various holistic practitioners offering holistic methods to guide balance of the body, mind, heart and soul.

Hours may vary based on availability of Providers, Facilitators and Practitioners.

Rent A Space

This Center is available to host a variety of Service Providers, Facilitators, and Practitioners to offer holistic treatment and/or workshops. Facilitators and Practitioners have the option to rent space by the hour, 1/2 day, full-day, or by the month. It all includes access to WiFi, diffusers, salt lamps, candles, and Bluetooth Speaker. Access to a small storage space for someone coming regularly.

Why Choose Us?

Bridging the Gap Wellness Center offers access to their amazing group room!


The Various Services Offered Within Our Center

Rollie Allaire, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach: Rollie helps women with anxiety to soulfully master their emotions & align with their true power so they feel self-assured to connect when they feel most isolated.

Divine Crystal Healing Shop: This little Shop provides products that help support our practitioners. 

Jeremy Fixes Bodies: Jeremy is a manual practitioner who specializes in rebalancing the body through a unique approach to manual therapy.

Wendy Humphris: Nutritional & Weight Loss Coaching; Live Blood Analysis; Functional Nutrition. Access coaching online and off in clinics throughout Northern Ontario.

Dana Irvine: Mind-Body Table Coach and Thermography Medical Clinic: Wise Divine Women – Unfiltered Truth for Women. Where I help women recognize problem areas to help restore hormone balance, boost libido, and increase energy.

Take A Look At Our Facebook Page!

Take a look at our Facebook page, where you can find update on everything that is going on in our center!