Vibration Massage Mat


VIBRATION MASSAGE MAT SESSION has a massage mattress pad with 10 vibration motors providing a soothing massage on the tissues and muscles from the shoulder, upper/lower back to leg for full-body relaxation. With 5 Massage Modes and 3 intensity levels, 4 selective massage zones to meet your best needs.

Optional Heat Function and Shiatsu Neck Massager

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When you use a vibration massage mat what do the vibrations actually do?

Normal therapeutic applications of vibration have been shown to significantly increase blood flow. It is shown to substantially increase peripheral blood flow.

The relaxation of muscles and increasing blood flow are the cornerstone of most types of massage therapy, whether it is simple relaxation, relieving tight tired muscles after a hard day’s work, or as part of a rehabilitation program. Science tells us that vibration massage does this well.

The main way vibration massage helps reduce pain is to help address the causes of pain, such as tight sore muscles and trigger points (tender lumps in muscles).

Everyone who works out or plays sports seriously will suffer stiffness and soreness after. Vibration massage does exactly what your muscles need: relaxes them and stimulated blood flow to flush the wastes and bring in nutrients. Clinical trials show that if you use a massager before, after, and during recovery, you will likely be far less sore and recover faster.

Vibration Massage – The full body massage mat with 10 vibrating motors, provides a soothing gentle massage to your tissue and muscles on the back, shoulder, lumbar, calf to help relieve muscle stress, and tension.

Soothing Heat – This massage pad with heat, has 2 heating pads for the full-back to deliver soothing warmth to further relieve stress, tension, and fatigue.

Note: The heat can be turned on without massage, the heating pad with auto shut off and overheat protection features to ensure safe use.

Customizable Massage – The back massager mat with heat allows you to choose the shoulder, back, lumbar, leg massage area, or combine all these areas together, all-inclusive 5 program modes and 3 variable vibration intensity levels for you come to customizable personal massage needs.

Shiatsu Pillow Massager – Featuring 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes; the neck massager nodes work together to target troublesome spots in your neck to relieve pain, knots, and achy joints. This vibration mat and neck massager is an essential machine for your well-being.

Note: You can use the Vibration Mat without using the Shiatsu Pillow Massager.

Lymphatic Drainage

The Vibration Massage Mat cause dozing lymph nodes to wake up and do the work they are intended to do, especially in the aging body where lymph health is even more vital to overall health.

Our lymphatic system, much like the blood vessels and arteries in our body, runs all through the body. This system is a complex one and has three main missions. It carries away excess fluids in the body, it carries away fat and fatty acids to the circulatory system for removal, and it is the central part of what most people call “the immune system”. Obviously, the lymphatic system’s health is vitally important to overall health.

The lymphatic system has been recognized by doctors for its importance to preventative healthcare. The lymphatic function supports every other system in the body, including the immune, digestive, detoxification, and nervous systems. Many believe that poor lymph health is the underlying cause of a lot of conditions, from cellulite to cancer.

The lymphatic system has no central pump but depends on muscle contraction and manual manipulation to move fluid. Deep breathing is one way we can enhance the movement of lymph through our bodies, but our lymph system is best stimulated by the movement of the body. The reason that clusters of lymph nodes are located in the armpits, the groin, and other constantly moving areas is for that reason. As we age we become less active, and the normal stimulation needed by lymph nodes to pump lymph fluid around the body, filter it, rejuvenate it, and attack biological intruders is not as effective. It is one of the reasons that older people are more susceptible to illness. But there is a way to deal with this challenge.


✔ increase bone density
✔ increase muscle mass
✔ improve circulation
✔ reduce joint pain
✔ reduce back pain
✔ alleviate stress

✔ assists with lymphatic drainage


✔ less soreness
✔ assists with lymphatic drainage
✔ a reduction in blood chemicals that result from cell membrane damage, tissue necrosis, and muscle cell damage
✔ a reduction in the temporary loss of muscle performance

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