Weekly Whispers 4: Journey through the week of June 17-23, 2024

Experience the world through the spiritual and earthly eyes of Geegado Megwan Kwe in Weekly Whispers 4. Each week, this series delivers heartfelt whispers reflecting on life’s highs and lows. It’s an invitation to witness the raw, unfiltered moments that shape a holistic life coach’s path to empowerment and healing.

A Week of Unpacking, Transitions, and Reflections

This past week has unfolded as a kaleidoscope of activities and emotional landscapes, each day marked by its own unique challenges and moments of growth. As we navigate the significant transitions of relocating and restructuring our living and working environments, the complexities of these changes have touched every aspect of our lives.

The week commenced with the setup of my new office space—a crucial step in maintaining continuity in my professional life amidst personal upheaval. The arrival of the office unit under the scorching summer sun marked a tangible start to this new chapter. Positioning shelves and desks and unpacking boxes of books and materials proved both physically demanding and mentally taxing. Each box brought a sense of rediscovery and decision-making: what to keep, what to let go of, and how to organize in a constrained space.

This process was not without its hitches. The envisioned arrangement of items didn’t match the reality, leading to moments of frustration when certain books and decks seemed elusive, potentially misplaced in the chaos of moving. However, the philosophy of ‘one box at a time’ helped maintain focus and momentum, turning an overwhelming task into a series of manageable steps.

Adapting to a minimalistic lifestyle has introduced both constraints and liberations. The physical act of downsizing—moving items from the lawn into storage units, deciding what stays and what goes—has been a poignant exercise in determining what truly matters. The unexpected auction on my personal profile, initially a mishap, turned into a community engagement activity, where friends and strangers alike participated in the downsizing process. This highlighted a shared experience of letting go and support from the community that was both unexpected and heartening.

The practical aspects of setting up utilities like hydrogen and the internet brought additional stress. Delays and miscommunications were frequent, complicating our efforts to establish a semblance of normalcy. Each unresolved issue, from the delayed payment of a critical contract to the logistical nightmares of internet setup, piled on the stress, making each day feel like a test of endurance and patience.


Financial instability added a significant layer of anxiety this week. The delay in contract payments affected our ability to finalize the trailer purchase. It was distressing for its immediate impact and the uncertainty it projected onto our future living conditions. Yet, during these trying times, the value of community became ever more evident. Meals prepared by my son, the help from friends in moving and setting up, and the empathetic ears of neighbours and loved ones provided comfort and a reminder of the interconnectedness that sustains us.

Despite the week’s demands, I carved out time to reconnect with my cultural roots at the Pow Wow in North Cobalt. This was a necessary respite, a moment to breathe in the richness of tradition and community. However, the physical toll of the week meant I couldn’t stay as long as I had hoped, underscoring the need to listen to my body and acknowledge my limits.

This week has been a profound reminder of the fluidity of life—the need to adapt, the importance of support, and the ongoing quest for balance amidst chaos. As I continue to navigate these transitions, I am reminded of the enduring lessons of humility and resilience, taught through the Grandfather’s Teachings and reflected in every aspect of this journey.

Navigating Downsizing and Connectivity Challenges

As the week progressed, the task of unpacking and downsizing continued with renewed vigour. We efficiently cleared the lawn, making way to permanently establish my office space. However, amidst these physical rearrangements, we encountered persistent challenges with essential utilities like hydro (electric power) and internet connectivity. The process of setting up hydro was intertwined with logistical puzzles, as we aimed to ensure that my new office would have the necessary power without compromising our streamlined setup.

In an unexpected twist, an accidental auction posted on my personal social media profile sparked a spontaneous clearance event. This incident, while unplanned, highlighted our pressing need to downsize significantly due to our new living arrangements in the trailer. Items that once filled our home and lives were now being evaluated for their essential value, and many were let go to find new homes. This clearing out was not just a physical act but a deeply emotional one, prompting reflections on what it truly means to live with less.

The act of parting with possessions brought me to a poignant realization of the Grandfather’s Teaching of Humility. This teaching underscores the virtue of living modestly and appreciating the abundance in simplicity. As I watched pieces of my old life find new purposes elsewhere, I was reminded of the cyclical nature of giving and receiving and the grace found in embracing a simpler, uncluttered existence.

Moreover, this period of downsizing is teaching me to prioritize function over form and necessity over desire. Each decision about what stays and what goes is a meditation on utility and meaning, fostering a deeper appreciation for the items that support our daily lives and work. This minimalist approach is not just about making space in a physical sense but also about clearing mental clutter, allowing for a sharper focus on what is truly essential.

The challenges with the internet setup further complicated our transition. The unexpected delay in service provision from our existing provider prompted us to explore alternative solutions. The shift to a mobile internet provider, although initially seen as a stopgap measure, opened up new possibilities for maintaining connectivity on the go, particularly useful as we planned for upcoming retreats. However, this change also meant navigating new setups and potentially dealing with coverage issues, underscoring the need for flexibility and patience.

These challenges, from hydro setup to internet connectivity, have tested our resilience and strengthened our commitment to adapt and thrive under less-than-ideal circumstances. As we continue to navigate these waters, the lessons in humility and the virtues of simplicity remain at the forefront, guiding us through each decision and reminding us of the strength found in letting go.

Unexpected Financial Strains and the Value of Community

As the week unfolded, midweek brought with it a significant set of financial and logistical challenges. An unexpected delay in a crucial contract payment cast a shadow over our plans, complicating the process of finalizing the purchase of our trailer. This unforeseen hiccup added stress and intensified the uncertainty surrounding our immediate living arrangements. In times like these, when the stability of our home was in question, the anxiety was palpable.

However, even in the midst of these financial strains, the strength and warmth of our community came to the forefront. Our friends and family stepped in to support us in various and invaluable ways. They provided not just emotional support but practical help, which eased the burdens of the moment. This network of support proved to be our anchor, holding us steady against the tides of unpredictability.

Particularly heartening was how my son embraced the chef role throughout these challenging days. With everything in disarray, having a nourishing meal at the end of the day became more than just a physical need—it was a comforting ritual that brought normalcy and warmth to our otherwise chaotic days. His initiative to take over the kitchen and prepare meals allowed us a few moments of respite and togetherness. In these shared meals, we found not just sustenance but also a reminder of the resilience and solidarity that define our family and community.

These gestures of kindness and practical help underscored a powerful lesson: that amidst life’s unpredictable storms, the bonds we forge with those around us become our most reliable sanctuary. It’s a reminder of how deeply interconnected our lives are and how much we can accomplish when we come together to support one another. This week, as with every other, the value of community stood out as a beacon of hope, reminding us that no matter the challenges, we are never facing them alone.

Reflections on Humility and Life Lessons

This week has been a profound exercise in humility. The Seven Grandfather Teaching of Humility, represented by the wolf, underscores that life is not lived for oneself but for one’s community. It teaches that the greatest dignity lies in treating others with respect and finding one’s place within the broader tapestry of creation. This teaching has echoed through my days as we’ve encountered everything from mundane internet frustrations to the more significant challenge of finding space for our RV—a space both literal and metaphorical.

As I navigated each hurdle—from the logistical puzzles of setting up a makeshift office to the deeper emotional trials of significantly downsizing my physical possessions—I was reminded of the essence of humility. It isn’t merely about lowering oneself but embracing our circumstances’ reality with grace and courage. It’s about recognizing that despite our best efforts, some outcomes are beyond our control and that acceptance can lead to peace.

However, understanding a lesson intellectually and living it out amid stress are vastly different things. This week forced me to confront my own expectations and pride, particularly my desire to manage every detail perfectly and my initial resistance to accepting help or acknowledging that some plans simply wouldn’t unfold as I hoped. Each moment of frustration, each unexpected complication, has been a mirror reflecting back to me the areas in my life where humility is still a work in progress.

In discussions with Brook and Sheldon, I’ve been encouraged to see the positive aspects of our current situation, yet I’ve found it challenging to consistently maintain this perspective. Their reminders of the potential and good in our midst help, but they also highlight the struggle between my desire for stability and the reality of continual change. This tension between gratitude for what is going well and despair over what is not aligned with the core of the Humility teaching: to hold one’s place with quiet strength without succumbing to the ego’s drama.

These moments of reflection reveal that humility is not just about accepting one’s role but also about embracing the whole spectrum of human emotions that come with life’s trials. It teaches me to balance my internal landscape as I do my external one, acknowledging the lows with the same grace as the highs and understanding that each has its place.

This week, the lessons of humility have not been easy. They have been real, sometimes painfully so, as I learn to navigate this new chapter with all its complexities. Yet, this journey into humility is also a journey into strength—the strength to embrace life’s imperfections and find joy and purpose amid upheaval.

Looking Ahead

As we forge ahead, each challenge unravels as a profound opportunity for growth. The teachings of the Grandfathers are not merely academic lessons; they serve as vital guideposts for navigating the intricate web of life’s complexities. While strewn with obstacles, this period of adaptation to our new living conditions is also a canvas for embodying deeper truths—those of minimalism, gratitude, and the essence of what truly enriches our lives.

The practice of living with less isn’t simply about physical decluttering. It’s an invitation to strip away the non-essential and focus on what adds genuine value to our existence. This minimalist approach extends beyond the physical and into the psychological and spiritual realms, urging us to appreciate more deeply, love more fully, and engage with our present circumstances with a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation.

Amidst these transitions, the unwavering support of our community acts as a powerful reminder of the collective strength we possess. Whether it’s sharing in the joy of a cultural celebration or the simplicity of a meal prepared together, these moments of connection fortify our resolve and enrich our journey. They serve as reminders that, even in times of personal upheaval, we are embedded in a network of relationships that offer support, understanding, and shared joy.

As we look to the week ahead, I am buoyed by the lessons of humility and resilience that have come into sharper focus. Each obstacle and setback has been a stepping stone towards greater self-understanding and communal harmony. I am reminded that true balance is not found in the absence of trouble but in the dynamic act of navigating through it. 

With each new challenge, I find myself drawn closer to the core teachings of our ancestors, finding new layers of meaning in their wisdom. This journey—marked by both its trials and triumphs—is a testament to the enduring power of our traditions and the adaptability of the human spirit.

Thus, as we prepare for another week, I carry with me the challenges and lessons they have wrought and a profound sense of hope. This hope is not naïve optimism but a fortified belief in our capacity to learn, adapt, and thrive amidst adversity. We hope each new challenge will not just test us but will bring us closer to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Together, with hearts open and spirits willing, we step into each new day not just to confront the challenges it brings but to embrace the endless possibilities for growth and enlightenment that lie within. Let us continue to support one another, learn from each experience, and grow stronger and wiser with each passing moment.

In Gratitude and Anticipation

Meegwich for being part of this shared journey. Your companionship, support, and insights enrich this path we traverse together, enhancing our collective resilience and deepening our bonds.

Until next week’s whisper, let us hold fast to the promise of new beginnings and the enduring strength of our shared destiny.

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