Journey through the week of June 3-9, 2024

Experience the world through the spiritual and earthly eyes of Geegado Megwan Kwe. Each week, this series delivers heartfelt whispers reflecting on life’s highs and lows. It’s an invitation to witness the raw, unfiltered moments that shape a holistic life coach’s path to empowerment and healing.

Deepening the Sanctuary: Cam’s Corner Renewed

Cam's Corner with flowers

In the aftermath of hearing the distressing news of another young man’s demise, my thoughts were heavy with Cam’s Mom, who visits Cam’s Corner each week to honour her son’s memory. Knowing the depth of her grief and the renewed pain this news might evoke, I felt a profound need to enhance the sanctuary that Cam’s Corner has become.

The laying of cedar, tobacco, and sage—traditional elements used for purification and healing—was a ritual that connected us deeply to the land and to each other, reinforcing our communal bonds and shared path of recovery.


This week, moved by the parallel experiences of another grieving family and mindful of Cam’s Mom’s weekly visits, I felt compelled to add further beauty and tranquillity to this sacred space. We ensured the space was not only maintained but also resonated with the dignity and grace of our lost loved one.

Our efforts this week included adding new flowers—a continuation of the tradition I started when Cam was first founded. Placing flowers is a powerful symbol of ongoing connection, an affirmation that those we love are never truly alone and that their memories continue to blossom in our hearts and the spaces we associate with them.

Enhancing Cam’s Corner was also an expression of hope and resilience, a testament to our ability to find beauty and peace even in our darkest moments. It reflects our commitment to support one another and reminds Chantal and all who mourn that they do not grieve alone. This act of beautifying the space was not just about aesthetic enhancement but was imbued with a deep emotional significance. It aimed to provide comfort to Chantal during her weekly visits, ensuring she felt the community’s support and shared love for Cam.

By enriching this space with beauty and care, we affirm our collective resilience and the enduring impact of Cam’s life, ensuring Cam’s Corner remains a place of solace and strength for everyone touched by his memory.

Let’s reintegrate the significance of your initial Eagle teaching from 2018 into the narrative, linking it with the more recent sightings to create a cohesive reflection on the continuity and depth of these experiences:

Bridging Past and Present: The Significance of Eagle Teachings

The encounter with multiple eagles during the boat tour around Manitoulin Island served as a moment of spiritual significance and bridged my past experiences with the present. This connection was especially poignant because it echoed the profound Eagle teaching I received back in 2018, which has continued to resonate and influence my understanding and appreciation of these majestic birds.

In 2018, an unexpected and deeply moving ceremony took place at the close of a women’s conference. An Elder, Sally, felt compelled to deliver one more song—the Migizi Honour Song, dedicated to the eagle. She explained that while she did not know initially who the song was meant for, as she sang, she directed her focus toward one of our speakers, Maggie, revealing the song’s intended recipient through the Elder’s intuitive connection. This moment was transformative, illustrating the eagle’s role as a spiritual messenger and a bearer of significant truths from the Creator to us.

The teaching emphasized the eagle’s ability to fly closest to the Creator, acting as a conduit for wisdom and a guide for understanding higher truths. This capacity makes the eagle a revered figure in many Indigenous cultures, particularly among the Anishinaabe, where it symbolizes clarity, courage, and a higher perspective.

Fast forward to the recent sightings during the boat tour and my subsequent journey home, where eagles appeared repeatedly—a total of nine times. These encounters were not merely coincidental but felt like a continuation of the teachings from 2018. Each sighting reinforced the lessons of wisdom, vision, and balance between the earthly and spiritual realms that eagles are believed to represent. The repeated appearances served as reminders to maintain a connection to these higher perspectives, especially during times of personal and communal grief.

The eagles’ presence during this time seemed to affirm the ongoing healing and spiritual growth journey. They encouraged a reflection on the balance and unity within our lives, echoing the community’s need for cooperation and mutual respect—qualities that are vital as we support each other in times of loss and celebration. The symbolism of these multiple eagles, particularly in a collective context, underscored the importance of looking beyond individual challenges to the broader vistas of community support and shared spiritual journeys.

This continuity of eagle teachings—from the powerful ceremonial song in 2018 to the recent, vivid encounters—highlights the enduring nature of these lessons. They remind us that spiritual messages are not confined to single moments but continue to guide and shape our paths, offering wisdom and insight as we navigate the complexities of life.

Embracing Change with an Open Heart 

Life, in its unpredictable essence, presented us with another unexpected challenge recently—the sale of our rented home. This news arrived amidst a flurry of emotional and communal engagements, adding another layer of complexity to an already intricate tapestry of experiences. However, such moments of uncertainty are not unfamiliar to us; they are simply part of the broader adventure that shapes our journey.

As Sheldon and I face yet another transition, it’s hard not to feel the weight of the past 25 years of shared experiences that have brought us both immense joy and formidable challenges. From leaving our home for the building and then vacating the building two years ago to finding a rental, each move has marked a significant chapter in our life together. Currently, we own two homes—one occupied by my son Kasey, his girlfriend Brooklyn, and their baby, and the other by my mother, sister, and brother-in-law—making our options for relocation limited.

The home we had hoped would be our stable haven for years to come is now being listed for sale by our landlords, thrusting our lives into another phase of upheaval. While I typically view such transitions as opportunities for new adventures and possibilities, Sheldon finds it increasingly difficult to see the silver lining. The prospect of moving again seems like a step backwards rather than forwards, a sentiment that resonates deeply as we contemplate our next steps.

One of the alternatives we are considering is temporarily living in a trailer if we cannot find another reasonably priced place to rent. While not ideal, this solution could offer us a chance to cut back on expenses and allocate resources towards renovating our other property. The goal is to create a nurturing environment for Kasey and Brooklyn to raise their family, transforming what we have into something even greater.

However, for Sheldon, this feels like we are starting over rather than progressing. The idea of “going backwards” at this stage in our lives is challenging. Despite the uncertainties, I hold onto the belief that every challenge is laced with the potential for growth and renewal. This belief drives my optimism, even in moments of doubt, encouraging us both to look beyond the immediate hurdles to the adventures that lie ahead.

In navigating these transitions, we are reminded that life is not just about the destinations we aim for but also about the resilience and adaptability we exhibit along the way. While the path may not always be clear, our shared journey—filled with love and mutual support—will guide us through to brighter days.

Therefore, the sale of our home becomes another chapter in our story, one filled with potential for new discoveries and adventures. It challenges us to maintain our composure and optimism, to continue building and nurturing relationships, and to find joy and fulfillment in new settings. It reminds us that the journey is as much about the paths we traverse as it is about the people we travel with and the memories we create together.

In embracing this transition with an adventurous spirit, we open ourselves to the myriad possibilities that await. It’s an affirmation that life’s unpredictability is not something to fear, but to welcome, as each twist and turn brings with it a fresh landscape of experiences, lessons, and, ultimately, growth.

Gratitude and Reflection

The true highlight of my week, the icing on the cake, was the precious time spent with my grandson, Clark. As I picked him up for a sleepover—two nights in a row—I was reminded of the pure joy these moments bring. To have him close, to witness his laughter and see the world anew through his eyes, is a gift that replenishes my spirit. Clark makes being Nõkum—a term of endearment meaning grandmother in the language—so profoundly rewarding. His presence ignites a song in my heart that resonates with deep love and connection.

These simple yet deeply meaningful encounters with Clark are not just delightful interludes but foundational to my well-being. They serve as powerful reminders of the continuity of life, the importance of family, and the pure, unadulterated joy that can be found in a child’s laughter. As we shared meals, played, and prepared for the days ahead, I was grateful for these moments that fortified the bonds between us, nurturing a relationship that is as nourishing for him as it is for me.

I am deeply thankful as I reflect on this past week—with its mixture of challenges, transitions, and the comforting consistency of family love. Meegwich—which means thank you in the language—for walking this journey with me, for every word of support, and for sharing in these stories that weave together the tapestry of our lives. Your presence enriches this path, and we continue to build a legacy of understanding, love, and connectedness.

Until next week’s whisper, I cherish these shared moments and look forward to more stories and teachings that we will explore together.

Meegwich for joining me on this heartfelt journey.

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