Thrive 2022

It’s Time To Thrive Not Just Survive!

Have you ever resolved to make a change in your life and then abandoned it soon after leaving you feeling disappointed and discouraged?

I’m offering Thrive 2022: It’s time to Thrive not just survive! a Workshop to help you follow through on your intentions, to give you extra support, encourage you so 2022 provides you with the most successful year, even if you’ve never kept a New Year’s Resolution in your life!

This workshop is for you if:

  • There’s a something that you’ve had sitting on the back burner and you want to FINALLY make it happen
  • It’s been a challenge making changes in your life in the past that you’ve stuck with
  • You are feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start with HUGE goals
  • You just want to have extra support to help you be successful in achieving your New Year’s Resolution this year

We are starting on January 3rd at 11:00 AM EST to allow you the opportunity to set the stage for a New Year’s Resolution Success. Not only get to brainstorm and specify your resolutions, but you will also have the opportunity to meet new people who, like you, have struggled with this same thing over the years.

You’ll be able to create a bigger vision for yourself and finally achieve the things you’ve wanted to achieve.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn why most people struggle with achieving their New Year’s resolutions within a few weeks of starting
  • Learn to make long-lasting life changes
  • Set clear goals on what you want your 2022 goals to be
  • Create Action Plan steps to realize goals, form new habits or create new visions

Fear that you will not accomplish your goals
again in 2022?

Stand in front of the mirror in the “Super Hero Pose”.

For those of you who watch Grey’s Anatomy you will remember Amelia’s pose. 

“There’s a scientific study that shows that if you stand like this in a superhero pose for just five minutes before a job interview, a big presentation or a really hard task, you will not only feel more confident, you will perform measurably better.”

~Amelia Shephard, Grey’s Anatomy

I know that this cycle can be extremely disappointing and frustrating in yourself and feel less confident in yourself. It’s hard to feel confident when you feel like a failure. You are not alone. This creature of habit doesn’t need to win. You can win. You can succeed in these two months, with some assistance, you can reach your goals, your ambitions and your desires. 

Willpower Is NOT The Answer:

Most of us give up our New Year’s Resolutions after a few weeks. We lack support. With support, you can achieve your goals. We will start before your New Year’s Resolution is set to begin. This isn’t about WILLPOWER. There’s a lot more to achieving our goals that sheer willpower. You will learn steps to help you achieve these goals and by this time next year, you will be ready to set new ones and not start all over again with the goals we set last year. 

It works!

Join Rollie for two months, each week get excited about your New Year’s
to find the momentum, drive and support
you need to reach your goals! 

About Rollie Allaire…

Rollie Allaire brings years of experience counseling using her client-centered approach. She felt that moving into her own business would allow her to reach people in their own time and space. 

She believes strongly that each person has the ability to heal themselves and that her job is to respectfully bridge the gap between you and the methods that best suit your process. She uses all of her experiences to help you meet your own goals whether through Counseling, Coaching or participating in Workshops.