Given that today, at 4:31am EST, MERCURY RETROGRADE IN CAPRICORN began which will carry us through until January 18 8:11am EST, I thought I would communicate the upcoming changes for 2023.

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad wrap. It happens up to four times a year. Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication. Retrograde is when a planet appears to reverse in the skies. Mercury Retrograde allows us the opportunity to change our minds on something and possibly even get second chances. 

Although technology may be affected during a Mercury Retrograde or you may be misunderstood, it can also be a good time to catch up with someone you care deeply about after far too long or you have a chance to rework your life. 

When Mercury Retrograde is in Capricorn, particularly, the focus will be on your appearance and the way you come across, your social ‘mask’. You may experience setbacks in work, clash with authority, or suffer a blow to your image. 

But you can always take something good from Mercury Retrograde, too! A retrograde in Capricorn is a great time to look back on your professional and work life and assess where changes are needed.

Last 6 Months

As you may or may not know, over the last 6 months, my life has been met with many significant challenges which resulted in much change. Throughout that time, I had to reevaluate my schedule, my time, and my priorities. Over the next few months in 2023, you will notice a change. It’s not really a change really, just more of a change of focus, some new, some not. 

My focus is being refined in 2023 this year to help successful women, who feel misunderstood and disempowered in personal relationships, and stand in their truth so they can communicate with confidence.

What the past 6 months have reminded me is that we are a “superwoman” but that we need to be nurtured and that nurturing must come from within. I will no longer be offering 1:1 services as these times will be exclusively for my group clients to enhance their life and wellness experience.

Wellness Services

Those who are local will still have access to Wellness Services. The sauna will be set up within the next few weeks. I know I am certainly looking forward to it.

How will I be supporting women with their Mind, Body, Heart & Soul balance? With the help of Robin and Sahara, every day starting January 1st, there will be different themes across each day, some of which will be transferred into being shared in the emails. 


Mondays will be focussed on Moon Musings. Monday is a fresh start. It’s never too late to dig in and begin a new journey of success.

Moon Musings will be provided through Blog Posts, a downloadable pdf in the Members Portal, and a shortened Live event sharing the Moon Phases and Moon Energies on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube

REPLAYS are available on Podcasts, Telegram, Soundcloud, and TikTok

Join our Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Connection communities on LinkedIn, Telegram, and Facebook to share in the conversations.


Tuesdays will be focussed on Meditation. Every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern Time, for some time now, we gather together on Zoom for Yoga Nidra. The minimal cost per session is $7 CAD or $11 CAD monthly subscription. This may be included within the service you are receiving. 

Yoga Nidra is the state of conscious deep sleep. This is a restorative form of guided meditation that facilitates entry into this state. It is where the mind remains conscious while the body experiences the effects of deep sleep. For most people, Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down, however, you can take any position that allows your body to feel comfortable and supported (this is important for those who experience pain).

Yoga Nidra is that moment where your busy mind surrenders and “falls” asleep each night, except that in Yoga Nidra, the mind stays aware and witnesses the body sleeping. 

Providing that a clear recording has been able to be captured during our session, it is added to Soundcloud which contains many meditations. 


Wednesdays will remain focussed on our Weekly Interview Series resuming Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm Eastern Time. This series features incredible women (and some men) sharing their wisdom on empowering women to stand in their truth so they feel fulfilled and can achieve all their desires and can be heard Live on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube

REPLAYS are available on Podcasts, Telegram, Soundcloud, and TikTok

Join our Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Connection communities on LinkedIn, Telegram, and Facebook to share in the conversations.

Do you have a topic that you want to share? Book a time on our Upcoming Calendar (note: new dates may not have been added at the time of this blog but will be by January 1 at the latest).


Thursdays will be starting a new event called Talk Back Thursdays. Streamed Live on Streamyard, you will be invited to join in the conversation Live or by commenting on various topics throughout the year.

This Live event will be available on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube

REPLAYS are available on Podcasts, Telegram, Soundcloud, and TikTok

Join our Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Connection communities on LinkedIn, Telegram, and Facebook to share in the conversations.


Fridays we will share a Weekly Affirmation. You have been seeing the Daily Messages on Social Media for a few months now. Those will continue, but a Weekly Affirmation will be shared every Friday.

Practicing affirmations has many benefits including activating a reward system in your brain. This can impact the way you experience both emotional and physical pain. This will provide you with the ability to manage stress and other life difficulties. In turn, this can help boost confidence and self-empowerment to further promote faith in yourself.


Saturdays will be a reminder for Self-Care Saturdays. You will be invited to share in one of our communities one Self-Care practice that you are allowing yourself to take. 

As my friend Sandra says, B-R-E-A-T-H-E. Self-Care today can look as simple as that. We moved away from the reminder of Self-Care and that is being reinstated.


Sundays will be devoted to our Weekly Messages. Every Sunday beginning Sunday, January 1st on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube, I pull from one of my many decks 3 collective messages, answering the question, “What do I need to know this week?”. REPLAYS are available on Podcasts, Telegram, Soundcloud, and TikTok

If you would like to be added to the Weekly List, send me a reply with #weekly or share it on the group post on Facebook and within YouTube or the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul Connection group on Facebook, (note: I will be exploring to see if I can go Live inside the new LinkedIn group) and an individual message will be pulled for you. If you were on the list previously, you will need to be readded to the 2023 List. Every year I clean off the list to ensure we are still focussing our energy on those who are still presently seeking each week. You can catch the replays and don’t need to attend the Live event.

Monthly Angel Messages

Monthly, I will continue to offer Angel Messages virtually. We have trialed this workshop virtually and the feedback has been good we will be continuing with it, however, the date and time will be shifting. It will be held on the 1st Monday of each month, with holiday exceptions, like January which will postpone it by a week, at 8:00pm Eastern Time. The cost per session is $11 CAD, included in some packages.

All you need is access to Zoom, a comfortable location to hear the meditation, books and/or decks available (doesn’t have to be angelic books and decks), and pen + paper to jot down the messages.

Our next session is January 9th at 8:00 pm EST, join us.

Women Inspiring Women Conference
March 3-5, 2023

Mark the date for the 6th Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference which will remain a virtual event. On January 5th, we will be reviewing the Speaker applications to determine who will be joining us Live and which would be providing a recording. 

The theme this year is Embrace: Learning to Express Ourselves.

If you are interested in becoming a Speaker or know someone who is, there is still time, the application closes on December 31st. Apply here.

Metaphysical Store

I will continue to have products for sale on the website or for in-person shopping. Not all products are able to be seen on the website. Each week, I will dedicate time in my schedule to fulfill orders and update the website. In-person will be scheduled by appointment here.


Moon Chats

Bi-weekly on Saturdays (Canadian holiday weekends excluded), we dive into our Astrological charts in our Moon Chats. We come together on Zoom and explore the placements of certain aspects within our charts. We share our knowledge with each other, which makes it perfect for beginners or experienced chart readers. The cost per session is $11 CAD or $7 CAD monthly subscription, included in some packages. Join us for our next session Saturday, January 21 at 8:00pm Eastern Time here.

Coming Up

Over the next few months, Robin will be revamping the website to reflect the changes that are coming starting January 1, 2023.

My entire focus on my clients’ transformation will be through my membership in Soulful Lifehacks which opens quarterly. I’ll share more about that next week.

NOTE: Although group sessions begin January 1, all access to my booking calendar will not be available until January 9th.


Tell me, what do your 2023 plans look like? In the meantime, I wish you the very best in 2023.