Rollie Allaire Presents

The Secret
Power of 7

7 Day Summit

About The Secret Power of 7 Summit

Over the course of 7 days, we will learn “The Secret Power of 7 Summit” by POWERFUL Speakers and Healers.

You may not be aware that numbers are magical. Each number has a significant resonance, in particular, the number 7 holds a powerful ability to heal yourself.

Seven holds unique vibrational patterns (or archetypes) and are containers of the currents of universal life, in which we all flow. It connects you to your ancestors, to your most ordinary and everyday encounters.

Everything in life has a sacred purpose and the number 7, in particular, can help you figure out what it is. Herein, is where the secret power lies.

The number 7 is a significant number in virtually all different aspects of our lives. There are 7 days of the week, 7 continents, 7 seas, 7 deadly sins, 7 wonders of the world, and 7 colours in the rainbow. It is also present in the majority of religions, for example, the Bible refers to the 7 days of creation, in Eastern traditions, there are 7 main chakras and in Judaism, there are 7 laws.

You will not just hear about The Secret Power of 7 Summit from coaches, healers, and other practitioners but experience embodiment practices and receive spiritual guidance to help you connect deeper with your soul and uncover your hidden gifts.

Summit Workshop Categories

The Summit is broken down into 7 categories:

  • Chakras
  • Healing Modality
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement
  • Metaphysical (Angels, Fairies, Crystals, etc)
  • Alternative Medicine

Summit Session Topics

Bio-Touch Healing

How Bio-Touch is performed and how anyone watching can start doing it today. How Bio-Touch helps break the stress cycle.

7 Steps to tune into your inner wisdom.

Connect, reset, restore thru the light touch therapy called Jin Shin Jyutsu. Using the power of your own to hands to guide your experience of The Main Central Universal Harmonizing Flow. This will help connect to the aspects of your inner wisdom: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical pieces to achieve an all-encompassing healing experience.

7 Types of Nighttime Dreams & how to use them for insight & manifesting

Learn about 7 different types of dreams- you already have at least 3 of these on a regular basis- and how to understand and use your dreams to have more happiness, success, and confidence in your decision-making and self.

How to intuitively plan for your business to compliment your lifestyle design

Create a business that honours your time and energy needs while expanding and creating the impact you desire.

Eating Mindfully

Eating mindfully to improve the relationship with food

Turn Your Problems Into Successes with Human Design & Biofield Tuning.

The combination of Human Design & Biofield Tuning helps you optimize your experience of life

Trust Your Intuition: The Key to Better Living

In this workshop we can dive into the specifics of what intuition is, how and why to trust it more than outside opinions

Using the Colors of the Rainbow to receive more Joy, Insight, and Energy

How to use Color mindfully in your day to manage your mood, your energy, and your ideas.

Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear and Unleash the Real you

This is the title of my book and program. It’s 7 steps to tap into and trust intuition, transform fear, anxiety, and doubt when they show up and develop self-confidence in your authentic self.

 7 Mudras to harmonize our moods.

Learn 7 Mudras that will shift your energetic being, helping you move towards a state of self-assurance. The POWER is in YOU!

Waves of Love

The goal of Waves of Love is to add simple reminders into your day to be in the vibration of love. This talk covers a variety of techniques that can be incorporated into everyday life to help your mind, body, and soul be as spacious as possible. Little thing you can put into place to remind yourself that you are loved and you are love.

Get Unstuck & In Action with Biofield Tuning

Free yourself from the trauma and stresses from the past. Transform your experience with Biofield Tuning.

10 simple ways to move your body

10 simple ways to move your body without going to the gym

Sooth your soul with the power of safety energy lock 7

Through a multi-dimensional perspective, Jin Shin Jyutsu sees many relationships to the number 7. We will explore safety energy locks, astrological relationships, along with many other hidden gems thru the prism of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Tap into your hidden intelligence and begin to move from isolation to connectedness moving past anxiety and stress. Recognize You are victorious: a powerful being of change!

Clarify Your Purpose with Human Design

You are ALWAYS making a contribution. Human Design helps you recognize the difference you make

Self-healing with Creativity

This workshop takes you deeper into the mystery of the body. We will use pen and paper. Healing through the medium of art Invitation to body parts to communicate (creating alignment) Conscious designing of a relationship with your body

Summit Speakers

Rollie Allaire
Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Sandra Lee
Medical ‘Business’ Intuitive

Allison Sutter
Author, Intuitive, & Spiritual Mentor

Dr. Elizabeth Chiang
Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic Surgeon & Life Coach

Quintina Sonnie
Breathwork Facilitator, Healer & Guide

Kaileen Cox
Intuitive Medium & Healing Instructor

Jessy George
Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Julia Katsivo Carter
Holistic Business Coach

Margaret Sap
Life Artist, Philosopher, Linguist & Musician.

Rachel Strivelli
Psychic, Dream Expert, & Growth Coach

Robin Hardy
Mentor & Author

It’s Going to be Amazing!

Come Be Inspired!

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