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Day 1: Who Am I?

Identify who you are. Break it down with understanding who you are when others are around; who you are when you are alone; who you are when you are at work; who you are then, now and when.

Day 2: My Essence

Looking inward to discover your true Essence. You have a mind. You are self-aware. You have a consciousness. You have the ability to feel joy & sorrow, compassion & empathy, anger & resentment. Your life force. Your essence is different than anyone else’s. If you want to improve your life, you need to have a stronger connection with your essence and to strengthen it.

Day  3: Stop Walking on Eggshells

“Walking on eggshells” is a metaphor for being unsure of your surroundings. For many this is about being unsure how someone else is going to respond around you (hypervigilance) and for some, it has to do with your reaction to where you want to go and the fear/anxiety that surrounds you.

Day 4: Co-dependency: Setting Boundaries

Setting limits can sometimes feel ‘selfish’. It’s not selfish to set boundaries for yourself. It’s easy for us to fall into a co-dependent role, putting others’ needs before our own, even at our own expense.

Day 5: Identifying My Triggers

The more aware of our triggers we are, the better we are able to manage the symptoms that come up for us.

Day 6: My Inner Child

We will have a longer time to connect with our Inner Child during this time frame. There will be additional exercises and meditations that will help you get to know that tender part of yourself.

Day 7: Healing Tools & Gifts

There are so many Healing Tools that can be used. We will also explore the gifts that you have, that you are not aware of, or hone in on those gifts, for your own healing.

Day 8: Releasing the Emotional Pain

Most of the time you stuff the pain down, use coping methods that don’t work or work for a while. We will be learning techniques to release the pain.


There is a lot of talk about affirmations. How are affirmations supposed to help when we are dealing with these things that have made life for us unbearable? Come and find out, I’ll show you.

Day 10: My Forecast

The Journey 2022

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