The Essence of Sharing

Sharing my life online started as a way to connect with my family and friends. I wanted to show the happy moments, like beautiful sunsets, laughs with friends, and peaceful mornings, hoping to make others feel good too. I believed that sharing happiness could make it grow.

But life isn’t always bright. I’ve had tough times, like everyone does. Back in 2014, when I was at my lowest point, I needed to shift my mindset, and I started sharing my gratitude. No one knew that I wasn’t well because I didn’t share that at the time. What we see in pictures and posts isn’t always what is happening in people’s lives.

When my dad was preparing for his death, I was preparing for my loss. I felt both sad and brave at the same time. I decided to share one of those moments and talk about my feelings of loss and getting through hard times. This was different from the happy posts I usually shared, but it felt right.

To my surprise, many people reached out to say that my honesty helped them feel less alone with their own sadness. This experience showed me that sharing isn’t just about the good times. It’s about being real and showing all parts of life—the happy and the sad. This way, we can really connect with each other, understand each other better, and support each other through everything life throws our way.

A resilient flower pushing through the cracks in concrete.
A resilient flower pushing through the cracks in concrete.

A Quest for Joy

I started sharing online because I wanted to spread happiness. It was all about showing those bright, happy moments that make life special. Think about the beautiful colours of a sunrise or the sound of family laughing together during dinner. These happy times are not just for me; they’re like little beacons of light for everyone. My husband always says I’m the Facebook picture Queen

A moment I’ll never forget is my mom dancing around the livingroom to Bubble Up but she was saying Bubble Butt. We were all laughing and my sister got up and joined her. My niece posted it, and I shared it. It was hilarious. It made a lot of people feel happy too. They started telling me about their own happy surprises, the little things that break up the everyday routine and remind us there’s magic all around us.

Sharing these happy moments does something special for both me and the people who see them. For me, it’s like saying out loud, “Hey, life is pretty great”. It’s a reminder to enjoy the good times and share them with others. This not only makes me feel good but also spreads happiness to others.

It’s like a little light of hope for people who see these moments. It shows them that there’s still joy and beauty in the world no matter what’s going on. It encourages them to look for their own moments of happiness and share them too. This way, we all feel more connected, reminding each other that we share the same joy, laughter, and love for life even though we’re all different. Sharing these moments brings us closer, helping us feel less alone and more part of a big, happy community.

Embracing the Spectrum

Over time, sharing my life online changed from just showing the happy times to sharing everything – the good, the bad, and everything in between. This change didn’t happen all at once. It slowly dawned on me that being real and honest meant talking about not just my wins but also my struggles. This was a big part of growing and connecting more deeply with people who follow my journey.

A key moment in this change was when I shared about a really tough time I was going through. It was a moment full of doubt and worry, one that really tested me. Sharing this wasn’t easy. It felt like I was opening up my heart for everyone to see. But the reaction was amazing. People didn’t just offer support; they thanked me for being so open. Many shared their own stories of tough times, showing me how sharing our struggles can bring us closer.

Being open like this online is tricky. I knew that once I shared my story, it wasn’t just mine anymore. I didn’t think about how it could help others see their own struggles in a new light. This made me really think about how I shared these personal moments. I wanted to be honest without stepping over personal boundaries or making anyone uncomfortable.

This journey taught me a lot about the power of being vulnerable. It takes courage to share the not-so-perfect parts of our lives, but it’s worth it. It starts conversations, builds trust, and brings us closer. I learned that our vulnerabilities don’t make us weaker; they make our connections with others stronger. They show that beneath it all, we’re all human, sharing this complex, beautiful experience of life together.

Storytelling as Healing: For Myself and Others

As I’ve shared my stories online, I’ve seen how powerful storytelling can be. It’s not just a way to express myself; it actually helps me and others feel better. When I share my experiences, especially the tough ones, people connect with them. They see parts of their own life in my stories. Every message or comment I get reminds me that when we share our stories, we help each other heal. It’s like we’re all getting through tough times together, not alone.

One time, someone who was feeling really sad after losing someone they loved told me how much one of my stories about loss helped them. They said my words described exactly what they were feeling but couldn’t say. Sharing our sadness helped us both feel less alone. It showed me that telling our stories can really help people feel understood and less lonely.

I also wrote about getting through hard times and finding strength. People started sharing their own stories about facing challenges and how they got through them. This sharing became a big conversation about being strong, even when things are hard. Seeing how everyone’s stories came together to show how tough and resilient people can be was amazing. This feedback made it clear that storytelling is a way to comfort and support each other.

Sharing stories is about more than just talking about what’s happened to us. It’s about opening up, showing our real feelings, and letting others do the same. We can connect and understand each other when we share like this. It’s about listening and caring about what others have to say, too. This way, our stories aren’t just about us; they’re about all of us together, sharing the ups and downs of life.

Thinking about all this, I realize how important it is to keep sharing our stories. Every story shared adds to a bigger story about what it’s like to be human. We all face struggles, but we also find ways to get through them. By sharing our truths, we build bridges between us, showing that even when we’re vulnerable, we’re not alone. This is how storytelling heals us—it brings us together, showing that there’s strength in being open and connecting with others.

Authenticity and Reflection

Sharing my life online has taught me a lot about being honest while also being careful about others’ feelings. It’s been a journey full of thinking deeply about who I am. I stay true to myself when I’m sharing.

You don’t have to tell every single detail to be true to yourself, but I do share a lot. I don’t think about it beforehand when I share. It’s really what’s coming up with my feelings. Because I have a business, I do have planned Social Media posts, but those impromptu messages, like the post related to this blog post, just came to me when I woke up this morning.

It’s about being open; it’s about bringing people together with stories that matter to me. As I keep sharing my life, my goal is to always be true to myself while also sharing with the people who take the time to listen

The Unwavering Commitment to Self

Sharing my life and thoughts online has been like going on a big adventure inside myself. It’s been full of ups and downs, like sailing through both calm and stormy seas. By telling my stories, I’ve learned a lot about who I am and who I want to be. Every story I share is a step closer to really understanding myself.

One big thing I’ve realized is that real change starts with me. I share through my fears, anger, and sadness. I don’t change my stories to fit what I thought others wanted to hear. I share about things that are sometimes very controversial from my perspective. Sometimes it will heat people up, while other times, it brings people together.

Of course, there have been tough times, too, when I was scared of what people would think. But every challenge taught me something important and helped me grow. The best moments have been when my stories reached out and touched someone else’s life, starting real conversations. These aren’t just wins for me; they show how sharing our true selves brings us all closer together.


I’ve also thought a lot about why I share my stories. At first, I wanted to show that being open about our struggles is a good thing. I wanted to my thoughts and feelings out. And for the most part, that is really what I do. As I keep sharing, I realize I’m not doing it just because it is popular or because I may get accolades. I do it to find peace and grow as a person. This showed me the difference between changing because it’s expected and changing to become a better version of myself.

Looking back, I see that sharing my journey is about balancing being true to myself with what the world expects. It’s an ongoing process of figuring out who I am. This journey isn’t about staying the same; it’s about embracing change and growing into the best version of myself.

The Continuum of Sharing

Sharing my stories and feelings online has been an amazing journey. It’s shown me how all our lives are connected. Every time I share something real about myself, whether it’s a happy moment, a tough time, or a personal growth experience, I see how much we all have in common. We all go through joy, pain, and challenges, but we also all have the strength to get through them. By telling our stories, we help each other feel less alone.

This journey has taught me so much about myself and about how we all share this big human experience. I’ve realized how powerful it is to be open and real and how this honesty can help others too. It’s like we’re all part of this big story, helping each other understand life a little better.

Looking ahead, I really hope to keep sharing my own stories honestly and to encourage others to do the same. I dream of a world where sharing our true selves helps us all feel more connected and kind to each other. But I know there are challenges, like the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Even though these fears are real, I believe being true to ourselves and sharing our real stories is worth it.

So, as we move forward, let’s keep sharing our lives and our truths. It’s not just about talking about ourselves; it’s about connecting with everyone around us. By continuing to share, we’re not only telling our own stories but also creating a big, shared story that includes all of us. This is how we make the world a more understanding and compassionate place.

Personal Anecdotes and Reflections

Sharing my stories online has been like putting together a big, colourful quilt. Each piece of the quilt—a story or a thought I’ve shared—adds something special, showing everyone a bit more about who I am and how I see the world.

As I write this blog, it really has made me think about why I share my stories. Many people reach out when I talk about what’s happening in my life. They tell me they feel inspired and share their own stories of making big changes. It shows me how opening up about our fears and dreams can really connect us.

Another time, someone who had been quietly reading my posts for years told me how one of my stories helped them through a tough time. This conversation reminded me that we’re all connected in ways we might not even realize. It made me want to keep sharing—all parts of my life, the happy and the sad. Because it’s in sharing the whole picture that we find real connections.

The reactions and comments I’ve gotten over time have really shown me the way. They’ve taught me that sharing isn’t just about talking; it’s about listening and learning from each other. Every response has been like a little light, guiding me to share more deeply and with more heart.

These stories are just a few pieces of my big quilt. They show how sharing can bring us closer, help us heal, and understand each other better. As I keep on this path, I’m reminded that we’re all in this together with every story I tell and every response I get. Sharing all parts of our lives helps us see through each other’s eyes and find the common threads that tie us all together.

As we go through life together, telling our stories and sharing our deepest feelings, we must remember we’re not doing this alone. The things we share and the truths we tell aren’t just about us. They’re for everyone who feels a connection to what we say, for anyone who finds a bit of themselves in our stories. With this idea of us all being in this together, I want to ask you, the person reading this, to think about your own experiences with sharing and being your true self.

Storytelling isn’t just about talking; it’s also about listening. It’s in the quiet moments between words that we really connect and understand each other. I want to hear your stories, your thoughts, or how you felt about something. It could be about a win, a tough time, or just a moment when something clicked for you. Your stories help build our big, shared story.

Talking and sharing like this helps us feel closer as a community. It turns our individual paths into a journey we’re all on together, making us understand the world and each other better. So, I’m asking you to share something:

Maybe a story from your life that could help someone going through the same thing.
How being real and true to yourself has made a difference in your life.
What it’s been like for you to share personal things with others, the good and the hard parts.

When we share our stories, we make a place where kindness and understanding are most important. We help each other see that even though we’re all different, we’re also very much the same. Let’s fill this space with our stories, showing the many sides of life. Let’s go on this journey together, learning, healing, and growing with every story we tell.

Final Thoughts

We’ve gone on a big adventure together, looking into the heart of sharing our lives and stories. It’s more than just talking about what’s happened to us. It’s an invitation to look deeper into our feelings and the feelings of others. By sharing real stories from my life and thinking deeply about how storytelling can change us, we’ve started a journey together, one that brings us closer and helps us understand each other better.

This story is meant to do more than just talk about my life. It’s here to touch on the big things that bring us all together. The honesty and realness of it all lay the groundwork, asking you to join in a bigger talk about life, how we’re all connected, and how we keep growing and changing together.

Sharing like this is a powerful way to connect. It offers comfort, understanding, and friendship, especially when we’re on our own trying to figure things out. It makes us think about our own stories of sharing and being true to ourselves, and it invites us to have conversations that make us feel more like a community. It also shows us the beauty of being open and truly connecting.

As we keep going, let this story remind us of how powerful it can be to share our lives. It’s an open invitation to keep sharing, thinking, and connecting. In the end, it’s about the bonds we create, the thoughts we spark in each other, and how we help each other grow. It shows how strong and transformative our shared stories can be, bringing out the best in us. As we tackle life’s challenges, let’s stay open, understanding, and truly honest, always aware of the amazing effects our stories can have on the world.

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