As I continue to share our journey along with my insights about the weekend and the lessons with the first-ever Spring Women’s Retreat Weekend. Go back and read Parts 1, 2, and 3, if you missed them. 

Yesterday I shared my own experience of being “stuck in the mud”. Today, I will share the context that the women shared. It’s important to maintain confidentiality, so I will not give the background details but will share the experiences while giving as much context as I can. 

Of all the women who attended, many shared the struggles in their relationships with their parents, spouses, partners, children, and friends. Setting boundaries or accepting boundaries that others set. Accepting others’ decisions and choices about their lives. All of these things are very challenging and very distressing.

Accepting things we can’t change, from the loss of a loved one through death, cutting them out of our life, or them cutting you out of theirs. Or losing a job, home, or health are all things that take something away causing us to feel powerless.

This weekend was about finding our power. When we accept things we can’t change, it gives us back our power. The start of the Retreat was on Earth Day. The Earth Day 2022 theme focuses on “Shape Our Future”. This Retreat was about starting today to shape our own respective futures. Staying focused on the present allows us to live with passion and purpose.


Each of these experiences has had them “stuck in the mud” for a long time. We were reminded throughout the weekend that when we do the same thing over again expecting a different result is the definition of anxiety. We have ZERO CONTROL over how someone is going to behave, react or respond. We DO HAVE CONTROL of how we react, behave and respond.

We get stuck in how we believe that things should go. Sometimes we need to let go of the expected outcomes and let things be. 

Tomorrow I will share Part 5, the final part. 



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