Tamara MacDonald-Thomas

Death Doula, First Aid Instructor & Reiki Healer

We provide End of Life non-medical services, Education programs in End of Life, First Aid, CPR, BLS

Servicing Northern Ontario, Temiskaming Shores and Surrounding Areas

About Tamara

With more than 30 years experience

Tamara has taken her passions, love-for-life, and her specialized skills on her journey; to provide and facilitate unparalleled compassionate care for those nearing the end of their own life journey, and for their families, who truly require the most support.

Helping others through crisis, illnesses, and end-of-life transition is something Tamara has been doing for years. Working with Grief and bereavement is a passion for Tamara, she truly has an understanding of one’s emotions. She comes with 30 years of experience in education and development along with being a First Aid/CPR instructor with the Canadian Red Cross for 23 years. . Tamara is a provider of Nationally recognized WSIB safety courses.

Guiding Hand offers life-saving courses to schools, businesses, and laymen.

Tamara offers her services here at Bridging the Gap Wellness Center, 498 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, Ontario. Learn more about these programs below.

Blended learning available
Emergency First Aid & CPR
Standard First Aid & CPR
BLS CPR Courses

CPR training is included with all first aid courses. Certification cards are issued to students who successfully complete these courses. The Heart and Stroke Foundation recommends annual retraining as CPR is an important life skill. Individuals who have taken a CPR course qualify to take retraining courses anytime thereafter.

The vast majority of people would rather do just about anything, other than to discuss death; (their own, their parents, spouse or children). On any other difficult subject, most people turn to a professional for advice and guidance, someone who has experience in the area of their struggle. When it is the topic of health, you turn to doctors and specialists, when it’s a legal matter, a lawyer. When the doctors run out of options to save your life, you’re faced with that conversation… how do you want to die? It should make sense then to ask for the help of a professional who has experience with assisting people who are dying. That person could be an End-of-Life Doula.

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for healing, stress reduction, and to promote relaxation. The Japanese have been using this practice for thousands of years to balance their life force energy. It has been documented and proven by science, that all living things possess an invisible life force energy. In recent years, western doctors and the medical field have begun to understand the importance of maintaining balance in our energy to support a healthy immune system.

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