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Day 1
Theme: Chakras

Rollie Allaire
“Introduction to the Chakras”

Our Host – Holistic Life & Wellness Coach Rollie gives an introduction to the Chakras so you have a soild understanding before you view the presentations below.

Elisa Chiang
“Discovering the Path to Financial Wellness through the 7 Chakras”

Heal your relationship with money by learning where your chakras are clouded by scarcity.

Learn how the chakras affect and regulate our thoughts and feelings toward money and how to know if scarcity is blocking the chakra and how you can work on going from scarcity to abundance.

Sandra Lee
“Turn Your Problems Into Successes with Human Design & Biofield Tuning”

The chakra system helps you understand all of your human experiences, and Human Design and Biofield Tuning are a powerful combination for optimizing your life. When you have struggles or problems, Human Design can help you see them as gifts. When you align with your Design you attract the people and opportunities that are perfect for you.

Day 2
Theme: Healing Modality

Quintina Sonnie
“Breathe into Love”

Breathwork description to explain the science of breathwork

What is breathwork, why is it important to use, what are the risks?

Kaileen Cox
“Bio-Touch Healing”

How Bio-Touch is performed and how anyone watching can start doing it today.

How Bio-Touch helps break the stress cycle.

Sandra Lee
“Get Unstuck & In Action with Biofield Tuning”

Free yourself from the trauma and stresses from the past. Transform your experience with Biofield Tuning.

Rollie Allaire
“Chakradance as a Healing Modality”

Join Rollie as she shares how Chakradance can be a part of your healing

Day 3
Theme: Meditation

Quintina Sonnie
“Breathe in Love”

Breathwork session to lean into love

A complete breathwork session to apply what was learned in video 1 above.

Robin Hardy
“7 Benefits of Meditation”

Learn 7 of the benefits of doing meditation.

PLUS, experience a full body meditation to help you be calm, relaxed and focused.

Day 4
Theme: Mindfulness

Margaret Sap
“Self Healing with Creativity”

Healing through the medium of art
Invitation to body parts to communicate (creating alignment)
Conscious designing of a relationship with your body

Julia Katsivo Carter
“How to intuitively plan for your business to compliment your lifestyle design”

Create a business that honors your time and energy needs while expanding and creating the impact you desire.

Robin Hardy
“Mindset – Life is about Choices”

Understand how mindset impacts your life and how to simply make small shifts in your mindset that are very powerful.

Day 5
Theme: Movement

Jessy George
“10 Simple Ways to Move Your Body”

10 simple ways to move your body without going to the gym

  • Movement and health
  • Types of movement
  • Moving when busy

Day 6
Theme: Metaphysical (Angels, Fairies, Crystals, etc)

Kaileen Cox
“Waves of Love”

The goal of Waves of Love is to add simple reminders into your day to be in the vibration of love. This talk covers a variety of techniques that can be incorporated into everyday life to help your mind, body, and soul be as spacious as possible. Think of yourself floating in a calm ocean. The wave gently washes over you in a pattern that feels comfortable and familiar. This is exactly what we are aiming for when we purposely bring the vibration of love into our lives throughout the day. Little thing you can put into place to remind yourself that you are loved and you are love.

Rachel Strivelli
“7 Types of Dreams”

Learn about 7 different types of dreams- you already have at least 3 of these on a regular basis- and how to understand and use your dreams to have more happiness, success, and confidence in your decision-making and self.

Sandra Lee
“Clarify Your Purpose with Human Design”

You are ALWAYS making a contribution. Human Design helps you recognize the difference you make.

Allison Sutter
“Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear and Unleash the Real you”

7 steps to tap into and trust intuition, transform fear, anxiety, and doubt when they show up and develop self-confidence in your authentic self.

Allison Sutter
“Trust Your Intuition: Your Key to Better Living”

In this workshop we will dive into the specifics of what intuition is, how and why to trust it more than outside opinions

Rollie Allaire
“Energy Healing with Reiki & Crystals”

Join Rollie as she shares more about the use of Reiki and crystals when on an energy healing journey.

Day 7
Theme: Alternative Medicine

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