Soulful Lifehacks

Daisies symbolize innocence and purity. This stems from an old Celtic legend. In Norse mythology, the daisy is Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, and as such the daisy came to symbolize childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings.

This program symbolizes the new beginnings that you will be venturing on together in community.




DECEMBER 4, 2020
at 7:53 am EST

DECEMBER 14, 2020
at 9:40 pm EST

DECEMBER 21, 2020
7:00 PM EST

Soulfully Master Your True Power 

“With Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, Rollie Allaire, as your guide and mentor”

Rollie’s mission with this program to is help women with anxiety by giving them the ability to soulfully master their emotions, connect to their true power and learn to feel better in order to take massive action in their life so that they gain confidence, feel self-assured, strong, happy and surround themselves with a supportive, connected community when they feel most isolated.

Rollie Allaire, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, holding her Sacred Feather

This message brought me to tears and I wanted to share this from one of our Lifetime Members.

You’ve been encouraging and supporting me from the beginning and this is just to acknowledge my appreciation from my heart to yours…

Diane Denomme

Soulful Lifehacks for as little as 

$5.90* CAD

per day

A space of calm, connection and love

A space of calm, connection and love:

You are loved when feeling imperfect and alone?

You are supported exactly as you are?

To feel what you are feeling?

You are accepted for who you are?

You can learn to trust in yourself?

Your power is seen, nourished and encouraged?

You are supported in healing and moving forward?

I’ve got the space for you! 

Soulful Lifehacks provides teachings, healing, ceremony, and holding space for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual journey.

Bathe in unconditional love as you remember you’re never alone.

Allowing yourself to be supported exactly as you are.

Connect weekly within the community to expand what we’ve been learning, sharing in your progress, and support each other in your own journey.

Honour your own pace and wisdom as you surrender to what no longer serves you.

Nurture your most inspired life into being.

You respected who I was and I always felt comfortable with you knowing I was not being judged, you made me feel like an equal never less than or like a minority.

Brenda Batisse

 I’m not sure if it’s her expertise or her demeanor, but I’ve found myself thinking of switching to all of Rollie’s programs and getting rid of my therapist. The programs are easy to follow, and you don’t feel like your voice or concern gets lost in the masses. 

Niki Maul

How do you do it all, Rollie Allaire? You are such an inspiration, such a guiding light to so many. In my world, I see it as an angel on earth. You help and bless people every day. Thank you for being you.

Donna Quehe

By joining you will receive:

A Private Members Portal.
A new monthly Lifehack released to expand your own
Sacred Growth.
Live weekly Group Coaching calls to support your healing path.
A Private Group Community of like-minded souls.
Holding space for your deep healing.
Intuitive support, guidance, healing, and wisdom shared in our group setting.
A library of all of the content shared for you to revisit and learn from.
A daily message, affirmation, and weekly meditation.
Seasonal Divinity Box (shipping not included)

You respected who I was and I always felt comfortable with you knowing I was not being judged, you made me feel like an equal never less than or like a minority.

Brenda Batisse

As women we are called to Be Light and Encourage One Another as we are.
No one greater, no one less.
Thank you Rollie, for your openness and your ability to be real with those you Serve.

Maggie Morris

I love what Rollie has to offer to her client[s]. You won’t regret getting in touch with Rollie as she has a vast variety of services to assist you during your journey.

Claire Scanlan

This Membership is only open for new members 4 times a year. The doors will be closed 5 days before the first day of each season. The doors will be open for 7-10 days before that closing date.

As we move through every season, it brings with it new transformations … growing, expanding, retreating, and being still. 

Evolution requires patience, perseverance, and commitment as we move through the process at our own unique time. There are times when we are still, while others are on a path of expansion. As we move through each season, there are times when life is repeating the cycle that we have already journeyed on until we outgrow certain circumstances or dynamics. We are presented with lessons throughout our lifetime to help us learn and evolve. Our evolution is still up to us.

Whether you want to outgrow an unhealthy habit, release old relationship patterns, or get rid of thoughts or feelings that no longer serves you, it’s important to take steps to get our evolution underway. 

spring equinox

Spring Equinox – March

The beginning of spring can ignite a desire for renewal and new beginnings. This Season’s Box is to help you with increasing positivity and abundance to sprout up in your life, and your chance to tap into the power of ritual and renewal.

summer solstice

Summer Solstice – June

This time symbolizes the return of ascension in many great spiritual teachings. This is a great time to increase spiritual growth. This Season’s Box is to help you cleanse, clear and release feeling burdened by worries or negativity or when you feel spiritually blocked. When we do this on a regular basis to help your spiritual growth. Doing a cleansing ritual allows you to cleanse your spirit.

fall equinox

Fall Equinox – September

During this time, it’s about being able to balance between light and dark, and giving thanks for a blessed harvest. This Season’s Box is about helping to “raise our vibration” that allows us to maintain that balance as the days become shorter leading into our winter months.

winter solstice

Winter Solstice – December

The winter solstice, the longest night of the year, falls on December 21 or 22 in the Northern Hemisphere and June 20 or 21 in the Southern. During this time, we celebrate the “return” of the Sun. Although our days begin to get brighter, we still have a long road ahead for these winter months. Nurturing our bodies in Self-care is a great way to help move out of this energy in preparation for re-awakening in the Spring.

Become an expert

  • Investing in YOURSELF.
  • Always opportunities for GROWTH.
  • Take what you need and leave the rest.
  • BUILD what works for YOU.
  • You are NOT your PAST.

Learn something new each month that you can implement into your life to reduce stress and anxiety. With the Group Coaching sessions, you have the opportunity to work through the issues that are coming up.

Weekly meditations, daily affirmations, messages and a private virtual community to help you connect and to keep the momentum going while creating habits to put your needs first.

What You Get by Signing Up

Every day is a new beginning.
This is an ongoing supportive environment to support you on your continued journey.


Soulful Lifehacks

This is a paid membership that is open to new members ONLY 4 times a year,  at the time of each season change. As a member, you have access to the modules below. 

Morning Meditation Ritual

When you have a Morning Meditation Ritual, you will feel good, emotionally and physically. The ideal time to meditate is first thing in the morning.

Daily Affirmation

Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. They raise the level of “feel-good” hormones and move us into more positive thoughts.

Weekly Meditation

Each week a different meditation is offered for you to connect with.

Many of these meditations will help you create body-awareness. Some may include movement.

Monthly Lifehacks

You want a better life? Our monthly Lifehacks will help you solve that problem. A Lifehack is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. 

Success Path™

The foundation of the Success Path™ provides you with an empowerment path through discovery, intention, mastery and connection to help you on your journey to be EMPOWERED.

Daily Messages

Each day marks a new beginning. We make many mistakes in a day. You can’t turn back the clock, so looking ahead is the only option we have.

Daily Messages sent to inspire you on this journey. 

Private Group Community

This group is for people that want to make a difference in their world and support each other to have more balance and flow in our work, life and relationship.

Weekly Group Coaching

Group Coaching offers a shared experience through community as they form a close and confidential bond where they can rely on each other to achieve their goals.

Seasonal Divinity Box

The Divinity Box is themed with the Seasons: Abundance & Renewal, Cleansing, Raise Your Vibration, and Self-Care.
As part of this membership, you will receive this quarterly subscription box (shipping not included). This is available at Divine Crystal Healing Shop valued $100-125. 





*Soulful Lifehacks is a monthly subscription offering. You must subscribe for the month to gain access, you can cancel at any time before the date of your next renewal. This is applicable to 1, 3, and 12-month memberships. Due to the energetic space holding of this membership, there will be no refunds.


This program symbolizes the new beginnings that you will be venturing on together in community.

How is this membership different than your other memberships?

Each membership offers it’s own benefits through the various components. This particular membership is unique in that it provides you with a new “lifehack” to bring you from a point of Foundation through to Success in the Success Path™. 

How often do you release new content?

There is daily, weekly and monthly content released. You have access to past content as well. If you have signed up for the Bridging the Gap Wellness FREE membership, it also provides you with access to other content. You are not limited to one membership, therefore, you have access to many other resources. 

Do you offer 1:1 Services with this program?

Anyone who has chosen the Quarterly and Annual payment options have access to one private session per year where we can be lazer-focussed on your goals. You have the ability to sign up for more 1:1 sessions with a discount based on available 1:1 spots.

Can I cancel at any time?

Once you’ve signed up, you are committed to the time period that you have paid for.  For example, the month to month allows you to end after each month, as do both the quarterly and annual payment options. With both the quarterly and annual payment options, there are additional resources available. NOTE: month to month will no longer be an option as of December 14, 2020

What age groups do you support?

Although my services are geared to adult women, they are not limited as such. We will welcome young teen girls. High school age girls would be appropriate, we wouldn’t recommend below the age of 14. We focus a lot on symptoms of anxiety. Men are not discouraged to join us. We simply ask that whoever has registered be open to supporting each other and treat each with respect.

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

You will never get “stuck” on a lesson as we have the opportunity for “lazer” group coaching. The floor is opened up to anyone who would like to be coached about an issue that is coming up for you. You also have access to the other members in the group. The Lifehacks are designed to allow you to make “lifestyle changes. Nothing happens over night. 

Free Memberships

Bridging the Gap Wellness FREE Membership helps you find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and emotional health goals. 

Receive access to various workshops, classes, rituals, discount offers and access to members-only pages and more!

Each person who becomes a member has access to The Wellness Inventory™ is an online assessment and life-balance tool that focuses on the whole person in 12 key dimensions of wellness. (Value $30 USD)

School of Wellness Courses

School of Wellness is a place you can find drive and guidance to improve your career, relationships and life.

Through these workshops and programs, they can help you recognize your skills and dreams, refocus your life’s goals and move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals. 

With the Soulful Lifehackers Annual Payment Option, you have full access to the School of Wellness. 

More content is continually added.

Dynamic Process of Change

Both Bridging the Gap Wellness FREE Membership and the School of Wellness have something for everyone. These programs are part of YOUR Dynamic Process of Change and Growth. Helping you connect with your own mental health or mental illness, spirituality, setting goals … truly holistic MIND, BODY, HEART & SOUL.

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