Soulful Lifehacks  Dashboard

This program symbolizes the new beginnings that you will be venturing on together in community.


Welcome to Soulful Lifehacks

We begin our journey together here.

No matter the Season you have joined or the Season that you depart, our paths were meant to meet.

You will get 100% of what you put into this program. This program is meant to stimulate awareness within you.

Know that you are NEVER ALONE on this journey. If you are wondering, there is likely someone else wondering the same thing.

Once a month there will be a new training on a new Lifehacks. These Lifehacks are meant to support you on this journey. You may have learned some of these tools, tips or tricks throughout your lifetime. My suggestion is to try them again. If you are already using them, then take them to the next level.

The most important component of this program is COMMUNITY. Be there to SUPPORT EACH OTHER.
GIVE as much as you RECEIVE.

In order to GROW we NEED  to RECEIVE. Many here give WAY MORE than they RECEIVE. We need to create a balance. .

Spirit Name
Geegado Megwan Kwe means
Talking Feather Woman
My Earth Name is Rollie Allaire

Here’s How to Powerfully Get Started:

1. SCHEDULE TIME to go through the monthly Lifehack!

Changes CAN happen… when you work it! Make time to go through the Lifehack which is recorded and posted here in the member’s area.

2. Dive into our weekly meditation.

You can use your own meditation or use these meditations that are released weekly – AND these meditations will accelerate your journey, big time! (You can go through them any time, too.)

3. Schedule 15 minutes each day for your morning meditation ritual!

I’ll be sharing a NEW affirmation in the Facebook group at 3:33 am – this one specifically for self-love.

4. You will receive a Daily Quote or Message in the Facebook group around 11:11 am.

These messages are there to help support you on your journey. I believe that Divine Messages show up when we least expect it. 

5. Listen to your intuition.

This is one of the skills that I think is the MOST critical. As women, our role models and society, have taught us that we need to “people-pleasers” and that putting our needs first is “selfish”. We will be learning to hear what our own Soul needs and trusting our gut. It will be foreign to us, but it is possible.