Soulful Intentions

Do you ever feel like you’re lost in the hustle and bustle of life, unsure of where you’re heading or what your next move should be?

Discover the power of setting intentions with our transformational monthly sessions, The Soulful Intentions.

Join us on a journey toward clarity, growth, and inner peace as we empower you to live a more intentional and soulful life.

What’s included in Soulful Intentions?

Intention Setting: In these workshops, we’ll guide you through the process of setting powerful intentions that align with your deepest desires and dreams. You’ll learn how to create a clear vision for the next four weeks ahead, so you can take inspired action and manifest your goals.

Life Flow Mastery: Uncover the secrets to navigating the inevitable ups and downs of life with grace and resilience. We’ll teach you practical techniques to manage stress, maintain balance, and stay focused on what truly matters.

Guided Collective Meditation: Experience the magic of meditating together in a supportive community. Our expert-led meditation sessions will help you tap into your inner wisdom, find peace in the present moment, and strengthen your connection with others.

Why should you join

Soulful Intentions?

Create a roadmap for your personal and professional growth

Gain clarity on your desires and purpose in life

Learn tools to manage stress and stay grounded

Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive community

Cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and inner peace

The Creator

Geegado Megwan Kwe, that’s my Spirit name, handed down to me by an elder. Little did I know then how much I would eventually embody that name – “Talking Feather Woman”.

I strongly believe that each person has the ability to heal themselves and that my job is to bridge the gap between the client and the methods that best suit their process. No matter what our experience in life we can change our lives by taking action and not staying stuck. By helping ourselves, we help others who are struggling with similar experiences. No one comes through this world without struggle, but it’s how we move through those struggles that get us to the other side.