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Sacred Soul Sisterhood

Lesson 2

You are not alone. Here we provide a safe place to share, empower each other, provide encouragement, be supportive,
and lift each other out through our individual healing journey. We bear witness and only provide advice when asked. We share resources.

Lesson 2: My Essence

Looking inward to discover your true Essence. You have a mind. You are self-aware. You have a consciousness. You have the ability to feel joy & sorrow, compassion & empathy, anger & resentment. Your life force. Your essence is different than anyone else’s. If you want to improve your life, you need to have a stronger connection with your essence and to strengthen it.[progressally_note note_id=”10″ allow_attachment=”yes”]

Former Lesson 2: My Essence

Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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Part 4
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Part 5
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Connect with your Essence every morning.