Sacred Soul Sisterhood

Welcome to Your Sacred Soul Sisterhood Portal.

Lesson 1

Below you will find a couple of how to videos for navigating the portal and scheduling appointments.

The recording for the week will be added to each page within 24-48 hours.

Every 2 weeks you will receive a new lesson.

The weeks in between are live calls, please see the live calls page.


You are encouraged to start a Journal for this 2022-23 Season. You are not obligated to answer any of the journal prompts, but part of growth is self-reflection. The more you put in, the more you get out. 

During each Live Call, you have the opportunity to have a laser group coaching session. Your session may be something that may help others. I will go through as many people as possible during our Live Call. I will always start out with any questions that have been asked by the group here or from the Facebook group. The only people who see these questions is me. I will not answer the question privately here in the portal but will add it to the list of questions. Although we want everyone to feel comfortable to speak freely, I understand that there may be some topics that may be more sensitive that you don’t want to be identified for when you ask the question. I always remind everyone when in a group session, if you have a question or an issue, someone else may be able to relate to it too. 

Questions you would like answered during a Live Call

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Lesson 1 Who am I?

Identify who you are. Break it down by understanding who you are when others are around; who you are when you are alone; who you are when you are at work; who you are then, now, and when.


Lesson 1: Who Am I?

In this section, you will find the former lessons for Sister Soul Medicine (2020). These are additional resources for you to have access to. 

Part 1

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Part 2

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How To Videos:

You are not alone. Here we provide a safe place to share, empower each other, provide encouragement, be supportive,
and lift each other out through our individual healing journey. We bear witness and only provide advice when asked. We share resources.