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Reiki Share

1st Tuesday of the month

Reiki Share – The more we practice channeling Reiki energy, the more profound the experience with it becomes.

The Reiki Share provides a gathering of Reiki Practitioners and Masters for the purpose of sharing Reiki Healing Energy.

Open to Practitioners of any lineage.

For those new to share it is an opportunity to join with other practitioners for meditation and then share in the giving and receiving of healing energy. Everyone gets 20 -30 minutes lying on a massage table receiving Reiki. Depending on how many people attend, each person might receive healing from three or four people at a time! In turn, everyone gives Reiki to two, three, or four other people.


About Divi Meetups

Reiki share gives you a chance to become comfortable with treating others, to receive positive feedback from the people you treated, learn to work in cooperative ways as a group and to have a chance to practice working intuitively on quite a few ‘bodies.’ This can be very useful and build confidence quickly.

You will meet and receive a healing session from facilitators with various levels of practice and experience. Some practitioners will incorporate a variety of different healing modalities in their sessions which may include chakra balancing, essential oils, crystals, sound healing, and much more…

Energy healing feels so, so good! Let’s gather and share our gifts by giving and receiving from each other. It is an amazing experience to be part of a group, meeting together, to heal, and be healed. A beneficial way of honouring one another as healers and for receiving a massive flow of universal energies from more than one person.

Group energies are often very strong and can be more penetrating than individual sessions. And working in a group with a common purpose amplifies the whole experience and process. This type of Reiki treatment is a wonderful and often profound experience!


$10.00 your contribution helps keep the space available to come share with like-minded journeyer

Where It’s At

498 Ferguson Ave
Haileybury, ON
P0J 1K0