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Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Cindy Crowe, Elder, Lodgekeeper, Author, is a band member of the Opwaaganisiniing (Red Rock Indian Band) located an hour east of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Since 1994, Cindy has been bridging gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities with her expertise in community liaison, community engagement and community development.  Read more…

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Meet Rollie Allaire
Sponsored by Rollie Allaire, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Rollie Allaire is a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach whose Spirit name is Geegado Megwan Kwe, which means Talking Feather Woman.​​

She helps women with anxiety by giving them the ability to soulfully master their emotions, connect to their true power and learn to feel better in order to take massive action in their life so that they gain confidence, feel self-assured, strong, happy, and surround themselves with a supportive, connected community when they feel most isolated.  Read more…

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Registration Closes March 15th Includes the Seasonal Divinity Box

Meet Sarah Charbonneau
Sponsored by Bridging the Gap Wellness Center

Owner of Myo Solace, Sarah offers Massage and other holistic practices to bring your body, mind, and soul to a peaceful and calming state, a state where all healing can start to take place. Myo solace offers deep tissue, relaxation & hot stone massage as well as reflexology, fire cupping, craniosacral therapy as well as spiritual practices such as meditation/visualization, energetic cord cuttings, smudging to let go of people, place & things that no longer serve us.  Read more…

Meet Dr. Christine Malenda
Sponsored by A&B Digital Printing

Dr. Christine Malenda, creator of Spiritual Prosperity™, knows she was gifted with an innate calling to help others experience “enlightened vitality” in spirit, body, and business. Her mission from a young age has been to show the way for the world to live as happy, healthy, and wholly human beings. Motivated by her incredibly challenging journey, Dr. Christine has dedicated her life to the study of Psychology and Anatomy of Spirit. Her doctorate in Metaphysical Healing launched into her global career as mentor, coach, speaker, and best-selling author alongside such notables as Dr. Wayne Dyer and authors from The Secret. Read more…

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I am a waterfall of wealth! Say it out loud!

Meet Diane Cunningham
Sponsored by Integrity Virtual Services

Diane coaches action-taking Christian women entrepreneurs as they scale their online businesses while having FUN.  She hosts the mastermind group for Christian women experts (coaches, speakers, counselors, authors, and online teachers) who want to create communities, uplevel their coaching offers, and scale their online business.

Read more…

Meet Jennifer Jim
Sponsored by Renew Coaching NW

Jennifer is a Personal Development Coach for high-achieving women who feel overwhelmed by life. I help you move from overthinking to being empowered so you can live your best life.

She is a Scientist + Teacher + Healer + Leader and she uses this unique blend of skills to deliver a powerful coaching experience. Read more…

Meet Sarah Purcell
Sponsored by Bone Boot Camp

Sarah’s journey through menopause has guided her to support women across the globe with healthy and empowered aging. Sarah is a movement teacher whose work focuses on healthy bones and a healthy pelvic floor. 

Sarah created Bone Boot Camp, an online, at-home strength training program for women with low bone density.  Read more…

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Offers From Sarah

Use the code: BBCWIW for $15.00 off.

Meet Mélyssa Léveillé
Sponsored by Earthside Acres

Mélyssa offers equine-assisted learning to women looking to reconnect with themselves, feel confident, and regain trust in themselves. 

Equine Assisted Learning is a facilitated approach to developing life skills with horses. The women get to connect with horses on the ground to create trust, confidence, and leadership. Read more…

Meet Penny Tremblay
Sponsored by PARO Center for Women’s Enterprise

Penny helps people learn to play nice in the sandbox … and when they don’t, she helps them fix broken relationships.

As we enter this post-pandemic era, it is more important than ever to connect, engage and retain top talent. People rarely quit jobs; they quit managers or toxic cultures.  Read more…

Meet Amillie Chaput
Sponsored by Bridging the Gap Wellness Center

This mystical journey has allowed her to take control of her life and to walk the path of her purpose. This journey allowed her to explore a variety of training, workshops, and mentorships to better serve herself and to bring a sense of connection, growth, and sacredness to her community. These trainings inspired her to create a safe space for women who may be feeling like she was … lost, alone, vulnerable, or searching for a place to belong. Read more…


Meet Kristi Sullivan
Sponsored by All-Wright Group

Kristi H. Sullivan is a Human Design and Self Care expert, author, and speaker on a mission to help busy women STOP OVERWORKING AND START OVERFLOWING! She hosts a virtual community for female personal development junkies (like herself) to create better wellness, improve relationships, shift mindsets, and manifest more success, wealth, and freedom – to live their best life “by design.”   Read more…


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Offers From Kristi

7 Steps to Create a Self-Care Plan


holistic life and wellness coach
holistic life and wellness coach
holistic life and wellness coach