Recipe Collection

Hey there, 

I’m so happy you are here. I am happy to share my recipe collection with you. 

This collection is a series of recipes that I have been collecting over the years. 

This collection started when I turned 18. There are 4 girls in our family and for each of us, my mom wrote out recipes and put it in a duotang. I have carried this duotang for years.

A few years back the duotang fell apart and my nephew who was living with us at the time decided to take the pages out of the duotang. I never did put it back in a duotang. 

I was looking for a recipe for Christmas baking and could not find it. So I decided to start typing out my recipes so that I could find them again. And I decided that I would share them here with you. 

First published – December 17, 2018