Building the life of your dreams is always a process. It also can be a challenging journey, but it’s well worth it. You have the power to create the life you love. I work with women to help them find the solutions they need to live more joyful and fulfilling lives. My main area of interest – and my area of expertise – is helping empower women who are transitioning from Daughter, Wife, Mother or Caregiver back to WOMAN… only stronger, wiser and more beautiful.

I work with women who have experienced childhood trauma, sexual trauma, domestic violence, and grief to retrieve the lost parts of their soul and achieve wellness, joy, and success. I draw on my extensive career background of psychotherapy clinical skills in combination with Chakra work, Crystal Reiki, meditation, Grandmother Moon teachings and using the Medicine Wheel.

Empower Yourself by Retrieving

the Lost Parts of Your Soul

to Achieve Wellness, Joy and Healthy Success!

An immediate boost to your mental and spiritual health through grounding, trauma healing, Reiki clearing, discussion, meditation and more, in one 90-minute session. “Learn More”


A 5-month sacred soul-sisterhood for women looking to gain a deeper understanding of their trauma. It’s time to step into the woman that you want to become. Live the life you want to live!Space is limited, register now!


“Anxiety, Stop!” Learn more”


A 6-week program to help you combat worry, phobias, panic, and other components of Anxiety. You’ll come away with practical skills to manage your anxiety and make some – if not all – of the symptoms STOP!!


“Unlearn Anxiety” “Learn More”


An intensive 6-week program using Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help relieve anxiety. Unlearn Anxiety builds on the strategies of Anxiety, Stop! to bring you significant results.

Prerequisite: Anxiety, Stop!


“Holistic Wellness Coaching” “Learn More”

Feeling stuck? Frustrated or unsure where to start? These sessions are designed to inspire, support, and empower you, tapping into your own inner strength. YOU are the expert on YOUR life – sessions are customized to YOUR needs.


“Women’s Wellness Workshop” “Learn More”

Connect with like-minded and like-spirited women over a 9-month workshop series where we will connect to our greater passion, purpose, and play, while learning about resources to support ourselves in a safe and generative environment.

“Inner Moon Goddess” “Learn More”


Tap into and embrace your divine nurturing feminine. Unleash your divine self in this virtual group with like-minded goddesses. Explore divine virtues as you bask in your Inner Moon Goddess.