Bridging the Gap Wellness Membership


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Bridging the Gap Wellness Membership


Empowering women. Promoting self-care. Developing a sense of community. 

Get Well. Get Inspired. Get Empowered! 

This virtual sacred space is created to share resources to help you create balance in your life. As a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach, there are resources that are available to share. 

allow you the space to give and receive love and nurturing, and to share our own wisdom. By allowing us to tune into our deep and wise inner knowing to create connection, transformation and empowerment. It reminds us how to connect to our deep feminine intuition.

Here we can tap into the essence of who we are as women through our shared stories, our laughter and our tears. Our hearts become open. We are seen and held with love, respect, kindness and compassion. We know that it feels so right to support, and be supported by a community of women deep in our soul.

Every female is a beautiful divine spark from a higher source. This divine spark makes every woman a Goddess. Women have long been connected to the energy of the moon. This membership creates sacred space for your Inner Moon Goddess!



Be able to connect not only with the others, but with your own inner goddess – your higher spirit.


Gain support through the other goddesses present, and through the different tools available to group members.


Feel more alive as you shift and grow in our blessed container, nourished through the connections to mind, body, heart, and soul.

Need extra support?

Check out Sister Soul Moon Medicine for physical and virtual connection and support!

Invest in yourself.

Invest in your Happiness.


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