What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is defined as the art and science of using essential oils to balance harmonize and promote the health—body, mind and spirit.

Essential oils are used to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.

In 1937, Rene Maurice Gattefoss, a French perfumer and chemist, coined the term “aromatherapie”. His research findings concluded a range of physiological ailments. It was a term distinguishing the medicinal application of essential oils from their perfumery applications. The term “aromatherapie” is meant to mean the therapeutic application or medicinal use of essential oils for holistic healing. It has progressed to adopt a more holistic approach encompassing the whole body mind and spirit.

Using Essential Oils for Emotional Release

Are you stuck in your emotions? Do you feel trapped with your emotions? Do your emotions keep you spinning trying to rationalize how you are feeling? Great news! You are not alone. Essential oils are used to clear emotional blocks and patterns. Emotions are stored at a cellular level in the body. In order to be released, they must be cleared at this level.

Essential oils access these “stuck’ emotions at that cellular level by accessing the limbic portion of brain, where emotions sit. The Egyptians used this technique.

We provide a natural remedy for emotional cleansing. As well as providing the “Power of Aromas” through aromatherapy or emotional release, we also provide products to compliment the use of essential oils.