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Weekly Interview Series

Chatting with Wisdom is a weekly interview series featuring amazing women.
There are different ways that women are amazing.
Let’s celebrate that!


The objective to this series is to allow various topics shared by women for women. Every woman who books a time slot chooses the topic that they want to talk about. We broadcast LIVE on Facebook and share on our YouTube Channel. The interview is not scripted or planned prior to the Broadcast. It is one topic, two women, sharing their Wisdom.

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Don’t Lose Yourself to Parenthood: Life Beyond Children

Kristina helps parents of school-aged children by providing parenting tips, resources, and community to those that follower her. Kristina has a passion for children and a strong devotion to serving parents and their school-age children. She continues to stay active in the schools by substitute teaching whenever her schedule allows.

Pursue Your Best Life

Jennifer Braganza is a Strategic Process Design and Innovation facilitator and coach. In 2020, Jennifer founded the Center for Intrepreneurship collaborating with other corporate innovation practitioners and thought leaders to train and coach professionals to be intrepreneurs.

How to Add More Joy and Ease to Your Business

Loubna Zarrou is an international bestselling author, certified professional speaker and multi-award-winning Strategic Dynamo who is globally recognized for her extraordinary skill of being able to mentor Entrepreneurs to gain clarity, focus and momentum with lightning speed.

Unleashing Your Power By Claiming Your Perfect(ion)

De’Nicea Hilton Harper brings a playful, holistic perspective to Healing and Well-Being, where women realize the possibilities available to them by claiming “I Am Whole. I Am Complete. I Am Perfect!”

Let’s Chat with Joline + Rollie

Joline Rivard, is mother of two who has worked as a retail manager coach for 17 years and who has owned her consignment business, Once Is Not Enough Boutique for 9 years. In the past, she has struggled with over-spending and filling her life with the newest gadgets and fashion for her family until she suffered a flood and lost everything in her basement including everything in both of her children’s rooms. This was the beginning of a long road of letting go. First of stuff, then her marriage, her job and finally, her trauma. The universe has a way of sending signs. Are you paying attention?

Unapologetically You! Achieve the Goals that Matter to You!

Angela Di Paola is a self development consultant and coach. She helps professional women to develop laser-focus clarity and mindset so they can achieve extraordinary goals and lead a life full of confidence, energy and excitement without fear, overwhelm and guilt. Angela is also the author of her upcoming book: That’s Life…Or is it? Reclaiming time for yourself. A woman’s guide to discovering lasting happiness and fulfillment. Tired of seeing brilliant, hard working women continuously put themselves last, Angela set out to write a book aimed to help women reclaim their time, their value and ultimately themselves. Her book provides practical tips to overcome common mindset traps and to live with purpose. She is proud to be working with Black Card Books, the fastest growing publishing book company in North America.

Build Motivation to Discover Your True Self in the Age of Social Media

Phung Tran is your new fitness bestie. As an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, Phung has helped young women of color like you, to implement science-backed methods to lose weight, with personalized exercise routines and the joy of eating. Her fitness strategy has prompted her clients to be more health-conscious while continuing to enjoy life as it should be. When she’s not busy breaking a sweat, you can find Phung cuddling with her black cat on the bed, and crocheting her latest amigurumi project.