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dance practice for your soul


“When you discover the power and the energy that resides within you, it is like coming home. Chakradance is a form of nourishment for your true self, for your soul. Chakradance will free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life.” Natalie Southgate

In October, 2017, Rhythm For Your Soul took place at at Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge, while enjoying the warmth of a the cozy atmosphere in the Ma’ayan chalet, set in its own secluded surroundings and fully self-sufficient.

This weekend was met with women who were Ready for deep inner transformation work of the 7 major chakras?

It was an opportunity to: 

  • Take time away to relax and release through moving meditation. 
  • Grow to the fullest version of yourself
  • Transform challenges into gifts
  • Expand your sense of self
  • Discover greater harmony between your inner and outer self
  • Connect with nature

This weekend, approach wellness through the awakening and integration of the chakra system using free-flowing movements to particular frequencies of sound.

We are honoured to have access to such a beautiful space, like Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge to make a commitment to your own health and well-being by living your life with vibrancy and presence.

Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge is situated on 485 acres, overlooking the Laurentian Mountains, and is surrounded by an abundance of nature and wildlife, in Mattawa.

We are so fortunate in Northern Ontario to have such beautiful surroundings. Allow yourself to connect with yourself and nature. You don’t want to miss our on this weekend.

This all inclusive retreat included meals and accommodation.

On Friday we arrived and settled in and we enjoyed a homemade dinner together. We started off our weekend with an Opening meditation, shared in some Introductions. We then jumped in to connect to our Body Wisdom with a Closing meditation. We had the opportunity to sit by the Campfire and enjoy the Wood heated Sauna on the premises. 

We began our Saturday morning with Breakfast. With a little Opening meditation to get us back into our bodies, we then checked in. This entire weekend was about connecting with our Base/Root Chakra. We connected with sound … our voices through Chanting. 

Given the rain all weekend, Mother Nature opened up the skies and allowed us to take this next part outside. We were able to do the Grounding outside, connected to the Mother Earth. Some were even able to remove their shoes and get a deeper grounding experience through Earthing. 

We had the opportunity to share Lunch together and then most of us took exploring the beauty Nature’s Harmony has to offer as we went on an excursion through the grounds. Some stayed behind to rest and relax. 

We continued on our personal journey by connecting to our Power Animal. This was the end of our REBOOT to our Base/Root Chakra. 

From here we began to explore our other chakras, beginning with our Crown Chakra and working our way down all of our Upper Chakras; Crown, Third Eye and Throat. Ending the day with a Closing Meditation. 

After much intense connection within ourselves, the women happily retreated to enjoy Dinner together. The opportunity to connect around the campfire and the sauna was available. We enjoyed the opportunity to explore with the pendulum as one of the women shared here knowledge with the rest of the group. 

The women woke up feeling exhausted and drained as we connected for Breakfast. After a quick check-in and Opening meditation, we moved into the rest of our Chakras starting with the Heart Chakra which is the bridge between our upper and lower chakras. We continued to move down the Chakra System into our lower chakras, consisting with the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakras. 

Throughout this time, the rain washed over the cabin and we listened to the rain throughout the morning keeping us inside. The Energy of the cabin was utter exhaustion from the women as we lead into lunch (always LOTS OF FOOD). 

We came together one final time after lunch to for an Integration Dance. The women wanted to simply stop, but they stuck it out for this last part. The women were able to bring together all that they had experienced throughout the entire weekend as they released all that no longer served them. As they danced and moved throughout this part of the retreat, you could feel the energy open up. They felt enlightened and full of energy. 

Each of them were thankful for the opportunity to move through this final exercise as they shared and we moved into the Final meditation to send them off. 

I thank them for the opportunity to connect with their inner selves at a deeper more intuitive way. 

Thank you! Merci! Meegwich!

Geegado Megwan Kwe (Talking Feather Woman)