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Self-Love: I AM Enough. You ARE Enough

Mystical Journey


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Amilie Chaput

Amilie is the creatrix of Mystical Journey.

Mystical Journey offers a sacred space for women to unite. A space to explore our sacred gifts and connect to our intuition. Mystical Journey has been established since 2015 in Timmins, Ontario, Canada and started off by offering monthly women circles and quickly transformed since that point.

At Mystical Journey you will find a variety of services to help you live a meaningful life like, Usui Reiki, meditation, chakra clearing/activation, empowerment, wellness and business coaching. Over time Amilie has brought together women from all over and different backgrounds.

New to Mystical Journey is our very own product called the Mystical Candle Collection.

Sacred Mastership

The Sacred Expansion Mastership program is a profound experience with Amilie. Peel the layers of discovering who you are and taking ownership
of your life. You will determine areas you wish to bring more light and areas you wish to shed. Together you will personalized your expansion mastership based on your individual needs or your business needs. Amilie believes that you heal at your own pace and
you carry within you all the properties to heal, grow and transform.

Card Readings

The Soul Call Card readings are like no other, the magick of these readings is that it is 100% guided by my intuition. Each card features
a word that sparks my intuition to formulate a story with a 9 card spread. Each card helps you understand your situation deeper and allows you to join the cosmos to your story.

Distance Healing with Usui Reiki

Reiki is an old Japanese healing tradition that is a simple and powerful method of transferring the unseen universal life energy. When this flow of energy is blocked, it disturbs our everyday life. it even disrupts our health, our vital organs, our spirits and the physical body. The life force corresponds to our thoughts and our feelings, so if we are constantly surrounding ourselves with negative thoughts or feelings, (sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing so) our spirit, body and mind start to become affected. Reiki heals by flowing energy through the blocked chakras and charging them with positive healing energy. Reiki Clears, strengthens,
heals, balances, awakens the mind, body and spirit, and allows for the universal life force to flow in a healthy, vibrate and peaceful way. Distance healing allows you to receive the universal life force from the comfort of your home and you will receive a recorded guided meditation by Amilie. Amilie also offered virtual Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification workshops and has created a special package for participants.

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Special Offers

Level 1 & Level 2 Reiki:

Book this package exclusively during the conference and receive your Usui Reiki level 1 & 2 attunement. Reiki has helped
Amilie and her clients on their healing journey and her deepest desire is for women like you to take action and become the queen of her spiritual village. In other words, take a leading role in your life.

Rise with Sisterhood:

This limited time package is available exclusively during the conference. This package include 6 entry passes to our monthly
virtual women gatherings.


What They Say

“I had an amazing distance Reiki session with a very talented and magical sister, Amilie Chaput, it was so on point and beautiful. She pulled a card right before our session that delivered a message that I soo needed to hear right now, and
she was able to identify and work on those areas of my body that are in real need of healing. I am amazed that she saw exactly what I am experiencing in my everyday life. Today my heart feels lighter.”

“I had a wonderful night with Amelie at her gathering. She holds such a loving, caring, welcoming, non judgmental and knowledgeable space. I had an awesome
time learning about my intuition, meditating and being creative, reading cards all while meeting new friendly amazing ?
lady’s! ??”

“I am so excited about these candles, and I truly wanted my altar to be completed before burning…but I couldn’t resist, no regrets. I purchased Bewitch and Rise.

I picked them up after work today and lit up Bewitch as I thanked my sister Mystic Am for trusting her intuition and adding to her journey. They are seriously soooo pretty and smell beautifully.
I have been feeling a sense of calmness and joy all evening, and it has been a day, Monday’s ?

I absolutely recommend the intention candles and cannot wait for more releases to add to my collection as well as Christmas gifts.

Congrats Am on your launch”

Sacred Circle Training

Coming this spring (April 2021); learn the art of holding space with Mystic Am. Three months of intensive training!