Moon Musings

June 12 – 18, 2023

Week 24 of 2023

Monday is a fresh start. It’s never too late to dig in and begin a new journey of success.

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Monday, June 12, 2023

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Last week we were working with the 🌗 LAST QUARTER MOON: Phase 7 – Release. This is one the four specific phases of Grandmother (New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter) which has a specific time that shows up at it’s fullest. This energy is carried 3 days before and 3 days after which is why we are still carrying this energy at the start of this week.

The main themes that we are carrying this week, however, 🌘 WANING CRESCENT / BALSAMIC MOON: Phase 8 – Surrender. This energy begins very shortly after the Last Quarter Moon Phase.
Now there is just a sliver of Grandmother Moon being lit up and decreasing as it moves towards the new moon.

The themes are healing, soothing, surrender, and emptiness. This is the time to surrender, rest and recuperate. You’ve now gone through an entire cycle – things have come and gone – willingly or not.

You will be preparing to set new intentions with the new cycle, but not during this moon. Just relax and surrender to the universe.

We are also starting this week in the ♈ Aries🔥Fire Energy that started yesterday. Fire Moons are fiery, impulsivity, and passionate. The Aries themes in particular are about beginnings, bravery, boldness, and spontaneity.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

As we continue with the ♈ Aries🔥 Fire Energy into the early morning of tomorrow, emotions can run high when the Moon is in Aries – after all, Aries is ruled by the angry war planet Mars. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself to not lose your hard-earned cool. It’s far better to use the Aries energy to Get Things Done. We are filled with impulsive energy, and it’s easy to feel quite driven. Channel that energy into something constructive. It’s also a time when enthusiasm flows. Try not to take offense too easily today. This is also a seriously good day for meditation to tap into Zen energy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Very early in the morning as most of us sleep, we enter into a very short 🌚⚠️ VOID MOON (VOC) 🌙 from 3:56 am – 4:00 am EDT.

Then we will move into ♉ Taurus ⛰️ Earth Energy. Earth Moons are grounding, practical, and stable, while Taurus is about sensuality, earthiness, and practically.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Taurus ⛰️ Earth Energy is a lovely Moon sign. The Moon and Taurus go really well together. They both have a bit of a “food” thing going on the Moon rules food and Taurus loves food. Watch for overeating if you’re watching your weight, but enjoy yourself if you’re not. This is a sensual and relaxing Moon placement, No Rush day, have a massage or laze around with your lover/cat/ a cup of tea is ideal. Slow and steady will aid you. The abundance makes it a good time to work on your visualizations and plans.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Aquarius Air Energy
Aquarius Air Energy
Aquarius Air Energy

We will be entering another very short 🌚⚠️ VOID MOON (VOC) 🌙 9:36 pm – 9:45 pm EDT after spending most of the day in the ♉ Taurus ⛰️ Earth Energy.

As we prepare for bed, we will be moving into the ♊ Gemini ☁️ Air Energy. Air Moons are chatty, flighty, and intellectual. Gemini focusses more on communications, travel, neighbours, and siblings.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

The day can seem to go very fast because the Moon is in the quicksilver sign of ♊ Gemini. This can be a good thing if you’re not already overworked, but a tad confusing if you have a lot on your plate. This might sound like the Aries Moon Day information but it’s different. Aries Moon Day is about action, while the Gemini Moon is more about mental energy – talking to lots of people and non-stop moving about.

Gemini Moon Day is a great time to hold a social gathering (aka a party) because everyone is going to be extra chatty, which oils the social wheels. Conversations today can make sense of a lot of things. It’s a day to be inquisitive.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

After spending a good part of the day in ♊ Gemini, we will move into the 🌚⚠️ VOID MOON (VOC) 🌙 from 3:53 pm – 8:27 pm EDT.

Moon Medicine is about self-reflection. Grandmother Moon reflects back what we need to look at, what we need to face, what we need to resolve.

During this time, we are transitioning between one Zodiac sign to the next, but isn’t reflecting elements/making any major aspects with either sign …. this is the gap between those transitions. Sometimes it’s very short spurts while other times it’s looong. It can last minutes, hours, and sometimes, even days.

During a Void of Course Moon, it gives us the time to just sit with the energy. If you can avoid doing anything during this time, then just sit with it in silence. Don’t start anything “big” or “important”.

This particular 🌑 NEW MOON: Phase 1 – New Beginnings will be significant because we are still in the Void of Course Moon when it reaches its peak at 2:06 pm EDT.

This is the time of the month when the moon and the sun are on the same side of the Earth. To us on Earth it looks like the dark side of the moon is facing us.

Historically during this time, women took time away from everyone during this time, as it represents the menstrual cycle, the menses.

We focus on new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates.

Give yourself as much alone time as possible. Embrace any feelings of wanting to be alone to introspect. As the Grandmother Moon shifts to her dark side to us, turn yourself inward, move away from the energy of others, take time for yourself. Visualize filling yourself up to recharge under the energy of this new moon. Throw away all unwanted thoughts and excess “junk”.

At about 8:28 pm EDT, we will enter ♋ Cancer💧Water Energy. After the carry-on of the past few days, the world breathes a sigh of relief as the Moon moves into home-loving Cancer. This is a day to retreat to the bosom of your family, or at least to be at home. The vibe mellows and suddenly, domesticity beckons. It’s a day to feather your nest.

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To know more about the “exact times” that the Moon Energy is shifting,
see the
Moon Medicine Calendar in the portal.

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To know more about the “exact times” that the Moon Energy is shifting,
see the Moon Medicine Calendar in the portal.

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