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New Moon in Aries

Aries falls between March 21 – April 20 
It is represented by The Ram

Message from your path of evolution

“Be composed. Stop and smell the roses.
Use your fiery passion for love … not just business.”

The New Moon is the first phase of Grandmother Moon’s Cycle. Now’s the time to start thinking about the fresh new lunar energy coming back into play. This phase supports the early stages of developing an idea, activity or planning anything that promotes betterment in your future. It is a time for new beginnings, a great period to start new relationships of any kind, and new endeavours. It is a starting point for exploring new opportunities. This is a time for making positive changes, looking for fresh career opportunities, and planting seeds of ideas that will be harvested later. 

You are basically planting seeds of thoughts that will bloom into goals and start to manifest in the near future. Here you are starting or preparing for what you want in life. 

Basically, what are you contemplating to put into motion in the coming weeks – new activities, connections, hobbies, projects, or a business? Start making plans to take classes, network with new people, or buy new equipment. This is the time to ponder the word launch. That’s what you are doing: launching ideas, actions, and even new ways of life. 

As the moon’s light gets brighter and stronger, so will you. You don’t need to spring into high-intensity action overnight though. Take the time to do a little here and there with the notion that a slow ramp-up will generate a greater outcome. 

You are like a bear coming out of hibernation slowly. It is an awakening. It’s similar to a new year, except it happens every month. Keep things simple as you move through this phase. 

Mindfulness, staying focused on the present moment, can be difficult due to the excitement of things to come. It’s imperative to set the stage for you to move forward with clarity and swift action when the time is right. 

courage, determination, honesty, leadership, strength, willpower


When the Moon is in Aries, you may find yourself preoccupied with what others think about you.

Focus your efforts and energy on planting the seeds of things you’d like to manifest over the next 12 months, such as better health or increased focus and creative energy.

This lunar phase strongly supports the act of co-creation, so this is the time to get clear about what you want in your life. Stay focussed on the “what” and worry about taking action on the “how” later. 

Manifesting and intention setting can be done at any time, but by aligning to the traditional associations of the new moon phase, particularly in Aries, and boosting your new moon vibes with crystal energy, essential oils, and affirmations you’ll have a winning combination for intention setting. 


Aries corresponds to the head, the eyes, and the nose. If you can avoid tooth extractions or invasive oral surgery including the jaw. Do not operate on the eyes, head, or brain. 


Fire moons are full of passionate energy and rely on instinct. They tend to react first and ask questions later. That means that your emotions might come with a dramatic—and impulsive—flair. You might show your feelings rapidly, or you might reach a quick boiling point before spilling over the edge.


Cardinal sign initiates action, ambition, spark to get things started, and the ability to act on its own inspiration.  


Mars is the planet of sex and drive and determination and pushing to get what you want. The sign and house Mars is in affects the way we change things in life. Mars is also the way people fight, and the kinds of things they fight about. 

When Mars is in Aries, it goes after what you want. It expresses assertiveness. It is filled with desires. It carries masculine energy. The Romans called Mars the god of war. It shows what a person can fight for. Mars shows how the individual uses their energy and for what purpose. 


Independent, action-oriented, spontaneous, generous, stubborn, difficult to control emotions, leadership, passion, confidence, self-serving, impatient, overworking, inability to understand others’ points of view


Able to step up and say what’s on their mind and in their heart. The Warrior won’t shy away from a fight but is just as quick to make sure peace is restored afterward and things move on. The Warrior is ready for a fight, but for a cause. 

Things to do under the New Moon in Aries


  1. Is risk-taking and adventure part of how you live out your life’s purpose? 
  2. What did you learn about channeling, expressing, or working with anger from your parents and caregivers? What did you learn about being independent? What did you always want to do, or end up doing, on your own? 
  3. When does competitiveness get you into emotionally difficult situations or encourage more separation than you’d like? Is that usually coming from you or others? When does competition feel healthy and inspiring of your personal best? 
  4. Are you someone who wears your emotions on your sleeve? 
  5. Do you get the feedback that others feel reflected, witnessed, or comforted by you? 
  6. Do you tend to focus on your appearance when you feel out of sorts, uncomfortable, or insecure?


    • Take Action
    • Make a 12-month plan
    • Be courageous
    • Have some fun! 
    • Focus on you. 


I honour my need for independence.
I honour my need to compete with my personal best.
Today is the first day of the rest of my life!
I take pride in my appearance.
I am brave

Angelica seed

Black Moonstone, Golden Tiger’s Eye, Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodonite

Lava Rock, Red Garnet, Ruby



Solar Plexus

***add Solar Plexus information


Ariel is the Archangel known as the Angelic Ambassador of Divine Magic and Miraculous Manifestation. Arial reminds us that anything is possible if we approach life with the innocence of a child. Doing so can work wonders. To connect with Archangel Ariel, simply say the name Ariel and ask for help: Dearest Archangel Ariel, please be with me this month as I start this important new cycle in my life. With your help and guidance, I can reach my full potential in all areas of my life. Thank you. 


Athena is a very powerful Goddess who can help you as you start new projects. She’s the Warrior Goddess and Protector. Call upon Athena for any courage you may need with new projects: she has no fear. To connect with Athena, simply say her name and ask for help: Dearest Athena, please be with me this month as I work to be braver and bolder in chasing my dreams. With your help and guidance, I can reach my full potential in this area. Thank you. 


If you’re struggling with self-worth issues, take a minute during the time of the Aries Moon to write down some of your most common negative thoughts about yourself on a small piece of paper. It may feel painful to see these things on paper, but this is part of the process of recognizing just how damaging it is to be carrying these thoughts around with you. Place a little candle in a fireproof container and carefully burn the paper containing your negative self-thoughts. Intend to release these from your mind and energy body. Hold a Ruby crystal and think of one affirmation to replace each negative thought that was released. Carry the Ruby with you as a reminder of the positive self-image you are cultivating. Repeat this exercise as needed. 

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