Mom N Tots Mindfulness Circle
Bond with your baby in a supportive and welcoming environment that while participating together in a program that incorporates the mind, body, heart and soul. Relax and rejuvenate and relieve tension.
Enjoy special time with your Tot, either holding your baby in your arms, leaning against your leg, on your front, sitting in your lap or resting on a blanket. Please bring a blanket for your baby to sit on and a few favourite toys.
Special time is made for tots to enjoy their own meditation and bond with mom through touch, movement and massage. Meditation and pranayama is incorporated in each class through play, movement & song.
Your tot will wag their tail, roar like a lion and grow strong and stable like a warrior. This class is designed for tots ages 0-3.
You Give So Much. It’s Time To Refuel.
“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Hellen Keller
Mom N Tots Mindfulness bring wise, caring moms together to practice meditation and mindfulness. Focussing on building community, to facilitate authentic conversations for moms who are interested in developing stronger, more caring relationships with themselves, other moms and their children.
This is an integrative wellness program that reflects the values of self-awareness, compassion, authenticity and meaningful relationships. Each class features four components grounding, mindfulness meditation, deep relaxation and compassionate parenting practices.
As mothers, we give so much of ourselves, both emotionally and physically. Taking the time to BREATHE with awareness and releasing stored tension through various breathing exercises helps us to recharge our spirits. After breathing, moving and stretching together, we can return home to our families more grounded and centered and ready to be the awake and aware moms our kids need us to be.
Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your awareness to the present moment. This is one of the greatest resources we can access as we navigate through the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Mindfulness is giving ourselves permission to explore what we’re really feeling. It allows us to find the space to look beneath the stress. This brings focus to what’s really going on inside. Mindfulness gets us in touch with the presence of being alive. It helps us to embrace both joy and suffering with curiosity, kindness and gentleness. It is this very presence, gentle compassion and self-understanding that will deeply nourish our relationships with our kids.
Deep Relaxation
Motherhood is one of the most important, toughest and most stressful jobs on the planet. Often it feels like we’re barely keeping our heads above water. Deep relaxation techniques help us to let go of stress, lower our baseline anxiety levels, and regulate our emotional responses so we can be more relaxed and at ease when we interact with our kids.
Community Spirit
Motherhood isn’t meant to be navigated alone. We need other women to help us celebrate the joyful moments and process the challenges of being someone else’s mom. We need to know that we’re not the only ones, and that others truly understand, so we don’t feel so ashamed of our shortcomings. We need to belong.
Mom n Tots Mindfulness exist to transform our relationships to ourselves, each other and our children with compassionate, non-judgemental awareness. At the heart of it all, our groups are focused on building a community spirit and deepening connections among moms, so after practicing mindfulness meditation and deep relaxation, the women are invited to share authentically about the joys and challenges of motherhood. The mothers in our circle are encouraged to connect and support each other outside of class as well, so a strong community of moms develops over time!
This is a breastfeeding friendly environment.
Nominal Fee: $10 CAD + HST
Why is there a nominal fee for this program? Many moms of newborns and tots are not working. We feel that it’s such an important tool for our children to learn. When mom is learning or practicing these tools and techniques, our little ones are learning.

Bridging the Gap Wellness Center
498 Ferguson Avenue
Haileybury, Ontario