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Monica Stevanovic

Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to join us at the 7th Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference, where we’re thrilled to have Monica Stevanovic as one of our esteemed speakers. Monica, a visionary and empowerment advocate, brings profound insights and guidance that promise to be transformative for every attendee.

Why Monica Stevanovic?

Monica firmly believes that every high achiever with big dreams has the potential to make a lasting impact. Her session is designed to empower you to step into your vision confidently and take control of your life. During her talk, you’ll discover:

  • Overcoming Self-Doubt: How to silence your inner critic and move forward.
  • Becoming the Lead Conductor: Shifting from a passive observer to an active creator of your life.
  • Embracing Your Unique Imprint: Unleashing your potential for lasting impact.

A Unique Opportunity:

What makes Monica’s session exceptional is her ability to guide you toward becoming the lead conductor of your life’s journey, breaking free from self-doubt, and making your unique imprint on the world.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait:

Secure your tickets now for Monica Stevanovic’s empowering presentation. With limited spots available, this is your chance to transform from a passenger to a conductor of your life’s symphony. Join us and unlock your potential for impact and success.

Free Gift

Awaken to Your Heart’s Wisdom: A Guided Meditation

Relax, unwind, and journey to the center of your heart space to unlock your inner knowing and deepen the connection to your inner self.

Value: $27 CAD

V.I.P. Gift

From Critic to Conductor: An Interactive Workbook

This workbook is a transformative guide designed to help you navigate the journey from self-criticism to self-empowerment, fostering inner harmony that radiates into your external reality. It is broken out into three sections that will help you recognize your inner critic and where you’re stuck and then how to put it all into action and create a plan to catalyze your inner flow, allowing you to thrive and take the lead as the conductor of your life.

Value: $97 CAD

Contact Monica Stevanovic

Monica Stevanovic is a trailblazing electrical engineer who reinvented herself as a bestselling author, speaker, and empowerment coach. As founder of Harmonic Hearts Coaching, Monica specializes in facilitating deep, introspective work that unlocks hidden talents, helping women create a life of authentic joy and fulfillment.

Monica‘s first two decades were marked by an illustrious corporate career, where she emerged as a top-tier consultant, mentoring Fortune 500 giants on business optimization.

Now, leveraging her extensive expertise and skill set, Monica empowers clients to achieve profound clarity, effortless inner flow, and harmony with their deepest selves.

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As we finish up today’s post, I want to remind you of something really important: everyone has the power to heal themselves. My job is just to help you find the right way to do it. It doesn’t matter what we’ve been through; we can change our lives by deciding to move forward and not just stay stuck in one place. When we work on helping ourselves, we also end up helping others who might be going through similar stuff. We all face tough times, but it’s how we get through these times that really matters.

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