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With the Healing Journey Circle 4 Part Series, you can live with more peace in life…

Imagine having resilience and the ability to effectively deal with stress while limiting your anxiety.

Most of us live in a state of reactivity, this week will help you to learn your triggers to ease a transition of living in the present moment as you cultivate awareness of whatever happens in your life. Life still happens, but when we can learn the techniques on how to be present in every aspect of our lives we become less reactive to emotional situations and able to better respond to those events in our lives.

You’ve begun this process having joined us for this Healing Journey Circle 4 Part Series. You have lifetime access to our Circles each season for years to come during the Live calls and access to the replays for each. 

Thank you for taking this time for yourself, [accessally_user_firstname]! I appreciate you being here. 


Healing Journey Sacred Spirit

Sacred Spirit

Winter – Element of Air

Healing Journey Sacred Mind

Sacred Body

Spring – Element of Earth

Healing Journey Sacred Emotion

Sacred Emotion

Summer – Element of Water

Healing Journey Sacred Mind

Sacred Mind

Fall – Element of Fire