What are Moon Phases?

Grandmother Moon, a term often used in Indigenous cultures to represent the nurturing and wisdom aspects of the Moon, goes through a series of cyclical phases that embody the passing of time and the circle of life.

The Moon’s journey begins with the New 🌑 Moon, a time of introspection, renewal, and the setting of intentions. It then transitions into the Waxing Crescent 🌒 Moon phase, signifying growth and the building of energy, followed by the First Quarter 🌓 Moon, which represents determination and action. As the Moon continues to expand, it enters the Waxing Gibbous 🌔 Moon phase, embodying refinement and reflection on progress. The Full 🌕 Moon, a time of fruition and celebration, marks the apex of the lunar cycle, after which the Moon enters the Waning Gibbous / Disseminating 🌖 Moon phase, encouraging gratitude and the release of negativity. The Last Quarter 🌗 Moon follows, symbolizing forgiveness and letting go, and finally, the Waning Crescent / Balsamic 🌘 Moon phase emerges, representing the closing of the cycle, surrender, and the anticipation of a new beginning with the return of the New 🌑 Moon.

As we journey together on this path of self-discovery, wellness, and inner peace, there are moments of profound cosmic significance that can catalyze transformative experiences in our lives. One such moment is upon us, and I invite you to delve deeper into its importance with me: the Full Moon in Capricorn, also known as the Buck Moon.

This celestial event, occurring on July 3rd at 7:48 AM EDT, offers a unique opportunity to bolster our holistic well-being, and I’m excited to share its significance and potential impact on our journey.

Embracing the Buck’s Transformation

The Buck Moon derives its name from the time of year when new antlers begin to grow on buck deer, symbolizing a period of growth, transformation, and renewal. This transformation isn’t just physical; it’s a spiritual metamorphosis, mirroring our own journeys toward healing and personal growth.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, stagnant, or unsure of the path ahead, the Buck Moon presents a symbolic moment to shed your past burdens and grow toward your authentic self, much like the deer and their new antlers.

Channeling Capricorn’s Determination

With the Full Moon gracing the disciplined sign of Capricorn, an earth element ruled by Saturn, we’re granted access to an array of energy attributes like perseverance, practicality, and discipline. In our journey to mitigate anxiety and improve our relationship with ourselves and others, Capricorn‘s energy can be invaluable.

During this Full Moon, consider ways you can channel Capricorn‘s steadfast energy to build and sustain healthier boundaries, devise practical goals, and establish systems that nurture your well-being. This disciplined energy can be the foundation for stability in your life, a particularly essential element when managing anxiety.

Manifesting a Harmonious Connection

As we tune into this Full Moon, remember that our outer world is a reflection of our inner state. Use the transformative energy of the Buck and the determined nature of Capricorn to navigate your emotions and behaviours better. This alignment can help you cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself, understanding your limits, acknowledging your needs, and nurturing your sense of self-worth.

In turn, this renewed self-understanding and personal growth can improve your connections with others, fostering a climate of mutual respect, deeper understanding, and unconditional love.

Guided Journey with the Full Moon

To help you make the most of this transformative event,  I invite you to join me on this self-discovery journey at 6:00 pm  EDT Live on Zoom. Where I will be hosting my first “Ask Me Anything”, a virtual gathering on Zoom. We’ll delve deeper into the Buck Full Moon‘s significance, set our intentions, and engage in a meditation designed to harmonize our energies with this celestial spectacle.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is an invitation to renew ourselves, to bravely shed what no longer serves us, and step into a period of growth, powered by determination and discipline. It’s a moment for us to move towards a more peaceful and harmonious relationship with ourselves and our loved ones.

This has been my journey as of late. New home, new system, new team member, and new role as Nookum (which means my grandmother). Biologically I embrace this new stage of my life.

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