Harbourfront Retreat

Harbourfront Retrat – Sunday, August 22 @ 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Haileybury Harbourfront Pavilion + Bridging the Gap Wellness

This retreat will allow you to:

  • come home to yourself
  • let go of responsibilities and focus on no one and nothing but yourself
  • reawaken a feeling of vitality
  • rest and recharge
  • connect with like-minded people

Harbourfront Retreat

Most of us, if not all of us, have been very limited in terms of connecting with others. With the Spirit of the Sturgeon Full Moon in August, we can align your spiritual intentions during this retreat with the strong and impressive sturgeon. They’ve survived millions of years by adapting and persevering through many different challenges. We are just as powerful and resilient whether we realize it or not.

This Retreat is geared towards reconnection with Mother Earth, aligning our Chakras, as we regain strength from the inside out. We will focus on all aspects of your self-awareness! This retreat includes a choice of your own healing from a qualified practitioner in their field. It will include experiences that will fill your needs, from mindfulness to sound healing, from reiki to Chakradance!

The day will offer mindfulness practices, physical practices, snacks, dinner, workshops, and more!

After having been isolated and restricted for so long, this is an opportunity to connect with others as we lead into the Fall Season. For most, the Summer holidays are nearly over. The routine of the school year or regular work hours are soon upon us.

√ Reconnecting with yourself through the power of nature.

√ There’s serious power in surrounding yourself with like-minded women.

√ Just one day of relaxation can be invigorating.

√ That advice to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others is cliché for good reason.


The Line Up:

Rollie Allaire, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Debby Burrows, Reiki Master, hypnotherapy, pendulum dowsing for trapped emotions, Facials, Indian Head Massage.

Nadine Metson-Weston, certified yoga instructor who focuses on unique outdoor yoga experiences

Irene Dumais Holistic Health, Teaching, and Yoga Center

Shari Miller, Professional Holistic Skin Therapist, Certified Health + Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Yin Yoga Teacher

“Rollie, I seriously don’t think any words can describe how good of a person you are
You put all your worries aside for everyone. You go beyond your resources if need be to help others. Thank you!”

Register for ONLY $225

These are some of the benefits that you may experience. We cannot guarantee these results. Each person must take 100% responsibility for their own healing to receive full benefits. This retreat is designed to promote spiritual growth and transformation of old patterns. Enjoy the silence and serenity of this magical place, as well as the peace and presence of your being and that of others.

  • Stress reduction & relaxation
  • Rejuvenation of body, mind, heart & soul
  • Peace of mind
  • Reconnection with nature
  • Increase health & energy
  • Relieve symptoms of depression & anxiety
  • Empower your life purpose & vision
  • Learn to be, stay with your emotions, and experience moments of true stillness

What’s Included

The entire day of Yoga, meditation, guided meditations, Chakradance™, workshops, personal healing, and transformation. As well as a healthy catered dinner and snacks.

Schedule For The Day*

11am: Arrival
11 – 11:30am: Opening
11:30am – 12pm: Yoga
12pm – 4:30pm: Group Workshop and personal settings
4:30pm – 5:30 pm: Yoga
5:30pm – 6pm: Dinner
6pm – 7pm: Group Workshop and personal settings
7pm – 8:30pm: Chakradance
8:30pm: Closing Circle
*this schedule may shift slightly as the day plays out

“I can feel more comfortable with the fact that I can get help and support in my life and not feel ashamed.”

Our Mission

Limited Seating!

Our mission is to offer a welcoming and tranquil space. Set in the beauty of the shores of Lake Temiskaming, the intention is to provide a supportive environment for connection to body, mind, heart, and soul.