Gratitude Attitude
30 Day Challenge

As you may or may not know, finding gratitude is one thing that I did to bring me out of the darkness in my darkest hour in 2015.

I was sick with grief, anxiety, depression, turmoil, and an inability to see anything positive in the world.

Every year starting ON MY BIRTHDAY, April 1, I re-start this journey to remind myself what I have in my life that I have to be grateful for. And every year, I invite people like you on this journey with me.

Every day, you will receive a quote, a question, and MY answer to the previous day’s question.

Every day, I will go LIVE on YouTube and on Facebook. I invite you to follow me on both my Facebook page and/or YouTube.

I invite YOU to join me for 30 days during this season of ABUNDANCE & RENEWAL (Spring Equinox) for my Gratitude Attitude Challenge. It’s FREE.

It’s time to begin to release all of your grief, anxiety, fear, depression and turmoil in a safe space…together. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Sign up below and we will begin on April 1st.