Are there times when you feel like you have no control in your life? But you’re well-educated, you’re pretty smart and most of the time, level-headed, right? But you alway find yourself making those same choices over and over again. Why? It may be time to nurture your inner child.

Maybe the conductor is your inner child. Can you imagine a 4-year-old as a train conductor? Or a pilot? “Eeeeeek!!”, as my grandmother would say when it wasn’t safe. We each have that inner child within us. That part of us that doesn’t grow up, even though we are now adults – partner, parent, grandparent even for some. This is fantastic for fun and games, and exploring life through the eyes of a child – but when our inner child is making adult decisions, look out!

Having heard a lot of talk about self-sabotage, Nurture Your Inner Child retreat came to be. As we discovered sometimes our inner child is having a tantrum out of fear, anger or even jealous. Creating addictive and dangerous behaviours spearheaded by an 8-year-old emotional child can create havoc in our life and are some pretty heavy issues to be carrying. It’s important to be able to identify who is in the driver’s seat – you or your 12-year-old self? Once you can identify that, you can start breaking the patterns leading these destructive patterns in your well-deserved life.

Getting rid of your inner child is NOT the solution. In fact, she plays a very important role in your life. She brings the fun and excitement into your life. Giving you the freedom to let loose. It’s important to balance you and to be the responsible adult that we need to be as we get older. “Adulting” is a very important stage in our life and we really can’t avoid it.

During this weekend we were able to

  • Learn to identify the difference between your inner child and your adult self
  • Learn how to identify it in others too. Because sometimes when your partner or your mother or your best friend is being lead by their inner child, you can know where things are coming from and you can talk it out.
  • Identify your triggers, figure out where and why these emotions of anger, fear and resentment are coming from.
  • Explore how bringing your inner child to the party has such a significant aspect in your life. You have come to this earth to have a very human experience, but when it’s stilted by chaos, sadness and havoc, it’s not much of an adventure.

Over this weekend, we discovered how to bridge your adult with your inner child, creating more balance in your life. You’ve heard of the saying – work/life balance, your inner child is a HUGE part of that balance. Learning when does she lead, what age is leading and when does the adult in you take charge. Living in a world that fills you with joy, laughter, fun, success, and healthy relationships.

What was conceptually included in this adventure:
? Introducing your adult self to your inner child
? Giving you a clear understand of who your inner child is AND who your adult self is
? Being able identify the difference between the two
? Learning to know your triggers and how to intervene when your inner child has been triggered
? Identifying what age you were when that inner child was triggered
? Helping your inner child trust you
? Discover what your inner child really likes
? Establishing boundaries for your inner child AND others
? Finding balance between your adult and child self
? Learn how identify when someone else’s inner child is in control and how to deal with them
? Learning to BE IN THE MOMENT

We came away with being able to
☯️ Find compassion, self-love and the lives of others
Identify and break unhealthy patterns you have in all areas of your life
☯️ Heal unconscious deep-rooted wounds
☯️ Exploring different parts of who we are
☯️ Truly learning to nurture, love, heal and grow within ourselves
☯️ Learn what prevents us from knowing our fullest potential

Thank you! Merci! Meegwich!

Geegado Megwan Kwe (Talking Feather Woman)