As we welcome the dawn of Thursday, January 11, 2024, at 6:57 am ET, with the New Moon in Capricorn casting its subtle glow, I feel compelled to share a narrative that intertwines the ancient wisdom of the land with the celestial guidance of the stars. The New Moon, a time of beginnings and introspection, invites us to delve into the teachings that have been passed down through generations, teachings that resonate with the natural rhythms of the Earth and the sky.

A resilient flower pushing through the cracks in concrete.

The New Moon in Capricorn:

This phase, under the watchful eye of Capricorn, speaks to us of structure, ambition, and perseverance. The energy is grounding, urging us to plant our feet firmly on the path of our goals. It’s a time for planning, for setting intentions that are rooted in practicality and determination. Capricorn, symbolized by the steadfast mountain goat, encourages us to climb higher, to reach for our highest potential with discipline and patience.

In the indigenous teachings that I’ve come to appreciate deeply, this moon carries a spirit of responsibility and wisdom. It’s a time when the elders would gather the community, sharing stories that weave the fabric of their culture and heritage. These stories, imbued with lessons of life, remind us of our duty to ourselves, our community, and the natural world. They speak of balance, of understanding the delicate interplay between giving and receiving, action and reflection.

The Medicine Teaching:

During this moon, the focus is on the medicine of leadership and integrity. It’s about being a guiding light in the darkness, leading not just with words, but through actions that embody the values we hold dear. This teaching asks us to look inward, to find the courage and strength to be true to ourselves and our path. It’s a powerful reminder that true leadership begins within, in the quiet spaces of our hearts and minds.

What to Look For:

As the New Moon in Capricorn rises, watch for signs of new opportunities to demonstrate your leadership. This could manifest in various aspects of your life, from career to personal growth. It’s a time to set goals that align with your truest self, goals that challenge you to rise above and embody the qualities of the mountain goat – resilience, tenacity, and wisdom.

The effects of this moon phase are profound. You might find yourself feeling more grounded and more connected to your purpose. It’s as though the energy of the Earth itself is lending you its strength, encouraging you to stand firm in your convictions, to build a foundation that will support your dreams and aspirations.


As I reflect on this New Moon, I’m reminded of the importance of patience and persistence. Like the mountain goat, our journey is often filled with challenging terrain, but it’s in these moments that we discover our true strength. This moon teaches us to embrace the journey, to find joy in the climb, and to trust in the wisdom of the path we’ve chosen.

As we bask in the gentle light of the New Moon in Capricorn, let us take a moment to honour the teachings of the land, the wisdom of our ancestors, and the guidance of the stars. Let this be a time of new beginnings, of setting intentions that are true to our hearts, and of walking the path of integrity and purpose. May we all find the strength to climb our mountains, to reach new heights, and to lead with wisdom and courage.

As the New Moon fades into the night, let us carry its lessons with us, weaving them into the tapestry of our lives. Let’s remember that every step we take is part of a greater journey, one that is guided by the stars above and the wisdom within. May this New Moon be a beacon of hope, a reminder that even in the darkest of nights, the light of new beginnings is always on the horizon.

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