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Neither of these professions is better than the other.

Often times, coaches were once counsellors and many counsellors have knowledge of coaching practices. It’s important to know the qualifications of the person you are working with. 

COUNSELLING OBJECTIVE is to help people address and resolve their problems i.e. trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, family issues, ADHD, addiction, and many other common problems vs COACHING OBJECTIVE is to help people achieve their goals. Both of these professions have their distinct approaches. 

COUNSELLING APPROACHES are to help their clients find their own answers to problems using non-directives and directive forms of therapy vs COACHING APPROACHES encourages helping brainstorm solutions and strategies for changing things in your life. 

COUNSELLING WORKS TOWARDS emotions, gives advice and recommendations, asks the question “Why should we change?”, the counsellor has the answers – works with diagnosis and treatment, paraphrasing – restatement of a statement or test using other words vs COACHING WORKS TOWARDS outcomes, does not give advice, ask the question, “How can we change?”, the client has the answers – assisted to find their own salutations, backtracking – uses client language and tone to recap important words or phrases. 

Depending on the Coach’s experience, it may be an added benefit if their scope of practice has the ability to expand what is going on with the client’s current situation. 

However, it is extremely important that both professions work within their scope of practice. If a coach works outside of their scope of practice, they can cause more harm than good.

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