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Surprise!!! Week 1 didn’t go as planned.

Anyone who knows me personally, or meets with me regularly knows that my dad has been unwell. We’ve been worried about his well-being and his health. He is still unwell, however, he seems to have stabilized. I am fortunate to be able to have amazing people that I work with understand that I needed to adjust my schedule.

This means that getting up early to walk has not been feasible or manageable. Not because I couldn’t find 15 minutes to go for a walk, but because I struggled to get up in the morning.

There were so many emotions to process. His quality of life has deteriorated considerably over the years and this past year has been worse without being able to have a normal life. On one hand, we want him to go so that he doesn’t struggle anymore, while on the other hand, we want him to be around forever. I just needed to take that time to absorb everything in this past couple of weeks. 

With all of that said, this means that I didn’t keep my schedule as I had hoped, so week 1 began yesterday, with the long walk. It was 30 minutes. The walk itself wasn’t that challenging except that I started by walking up the hill. 

If you are familiar with Haileybury, you know that it is filled with hills. By the time that I walked upwards one block hill, my chest was already burning from exertion. My intention was to go up two streets where it naturally flattens out, but one street was all that I managed. This will be an ongoing goal. By the time I came back home, I was tuckered out. Today is a walk rest day.

Eating has not been the best. I just eat whatever, wherever, whenever … this is something I need to do more consciously. I managed to get in quite a bit of water, however, that was just one day.

One of the self-care things that I wanted to do is get myself into the sauna every night. While the thought of it was a great way to relax before bed, turns out it wasn’t. Having to sit in the sauna every night, meant having to “sit”. At that time of the night, I simply want to be lying down.

I started off my day both yesterday and today in the sauna. My plan is to continue that daily to start off the day, then I can jump in the shower once my body temp returns to normal. I will have shorter sessions throughout the week and have longer sessions on Sundays.

I have yet to book my sessions with Sherry. I will look at the schedule for next week and get something set up. This week is busy with getting the Divine Crystal Healing Shop set up in preparation for the re-opening from lockdown. And of course, regular work to complete as well as still tending to my dad’s health and medical appointments. 

This week the focus is to get into the daily walks, starting tomorrow, up the hill and then down the hill in that 15-minute walk. 

How was your first week?