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Better Life Coaching with Emily C.


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Emily Cleghorn

Better life coaching with Emily C. offers programs that nurture the whole woman. Body, mind and business. Personal 1:1 coaching, group coaching, courses and downloads all aimed at elevating you to the best version of yourself that you can be so that you can build your best business.

Emily is a Body, Mind and Business coach.

Building a successful business can be a challenge. It’s even more challenging when your physical and emotional health aren’t being cared for. That’s why, the programs and services I offer at Better Life coaching are designed specifically with entrepreneurial women in mind.

The Revolutionary Mama

Before you were a mom, you were a woman…
You don’t have to give up on your dreams because you chose to have babies.
The Revolutionary Mama is a monthly newsletter just for momtrepreneurs! It will nurture the WHOLE woman!
It’s for you IF…
You’re ready to rock mom life AND your business
You love Pinterest in your down time and want to get monthly tips and tricks for using as a business growth tool
Have been searching for a spot the combines mom life AND personal care AND business
If that’s you, subscribe using the link.

Better than EVER Health 90-day Intensive

Are you ready to have the best health of your life?
Do you have health goals that you’d love to achieve but you’re stuck on where to start? Maybe you start but then a little while later, you find yourself back to your old ways?

The better than EVER health 90 day intensive is designed to help you become the best version of yourself through assisting in the attainment of a variety of different health goals in a natural way that nurtures your relationship with your body.

Pinterest Mama Revolution

Would you love to break free from the traditional 9-5 and live a life of freedom?

Are you longing to find a way that would allow you to stay home with your family but still contribute financially?

Do you LOVE to scroll through Pinterest in your down time?

The Pinterest Mama Revolution will take you from scrolling to confidently on the way to financially contributing to your family with the freedom of choosing your own schedule.

Special Offers


$97 (VALUED AT $111)

  • Creating the life you desire can be a challenge, especially if you’re stuck under the events in your past. Free your mind with this bundle. You’ll get:
    • a copy of my book, Rising from the Ashes
    • access to a 3-day webinar: “Discover your Best Self with Confidence, Self Empowerment and Purpose”
  • Valued at $111
    Conference ONLY pricing $97 with code “inspire”


$95 (Valued at $149)

  • Harness the power of Pinterest sitting at your fingertips and avoid the overwhelm of finding your audience on a new platform. Here’s what you’ll get:
    • “Attracting Pinterest Users to your Website” course that will take you from newbie to fluent in 5 modules
    • 2 months of “Elevate with Pinterest” group coaching and accountability
    • Full printable Pinterest planner for your organizing and planning needs.
    • Harness the Power of Better Life Coaching with Emily C.


What They Say

I never would have dreamed about adding content to Pinterest for my business because the thought of adding yet another social media platform seemed overwhelming and unreasonable. Also, there are so many people pushing Instagram and Facebook (which I am already using for my biz) that I thought I could keep using Pinterest just for my own personal fun.

I happened to stumble upon a GetOiling Weekly Work Session video where Emily was showcasing how she uses Pinterest for her biz and talking about her course, and I was intrigued at the traffic she was generating to her website and blog. I was sold! I bought the course that day and dug right in.

Her course is easy to navigate and understand, and I was quickly making pins and driving traffic to my website the day I started pinning my own content! My website traffic continues to increase, as does my Pinterest audience. Learning to utilize Pinterest has been a pivotal moment for my business and I’m so grateful I bought the course!

“Pinterest, what is Pinterest and why do I care? Well, EMILY Showed me what pinterest is, and WHY I care! She made it so easy to implement and even a non-techy, non-Pinterest person like me, had no trouble and I LOVE what I learned. My Pins get attention and they lead to LEADS! Her course gave me all the tools, tips, and tricks I needed to get attention on the platform.”

Rising from the Ashes: How to Reclaim your life after a Traumatic Childhood

Do you feel powerless? Are you over it? Are you ready to stop acting as a doormat and start speaking up for yourself? Do you feel like there’s something more that you’re missing in your life? Are you ready to discover a joy for life that you’ve never felt before and create the life you really want? Sound like you? This tiny book is filled with life changing lightbulb moments that you won’t want to miss!