A few days ago I shared how much of a struggle depression was for me. I was barely hanging on the psychiatrist adjusted my medication. Biologically I could feel a slight shift happening (I was actually “thinking” about getting out of bed).

Not only was I struggling with depression, but I struggle with anxiety on a regular basis. I can hide it most of the time. I’ve learned to find strategies to overcome some of the symptoms, but it’s there all the time. 

Keeping my anxiety in-check is a full-time job. I worry about whether or not things are going to go well. Now keeping in-kind that we all feel nervous and worry about things. With anxiety, you think it and feel it to a much different extreme. We can feel it very incessantly and it affects us physically. For me, it’s like having a pit in my stomach that also clones itself to my throat.

I become afraid if someone gets upset. My “go to”  coping strategy is to become defensive and/or engage in people-pleasing behaviour.

Over the years I’ve learned, if I could give myself some time, then I can challenge these thoughts. I can not create the “mountain out of a molehill” or as my friend Diane says, “I’ll give my monkey-mind a banana and tell it to go sit in the corner”.

What I’ve also learned is that by making my mind still it helps to slow it down. I am not a “make my body still” meditator so I added some tools in my toolbox that do not include me being completely still. 

Things like Guided Meditation, Chanting Meditation, Singing Bowl Meditation, Chakradance, Movement Meditation, Dancing Meditation, Reiki and nearly acquired, Qi Gong.

Every Wednesday, as well as every other Saturday, Diane and I have been practicing Qi Gong postures that help your mind, body & Spirit. These are practicum hours that allow us to practice and learn each posture before we become certified. Our goal is to offer this regularly to people in the community.

There are many strategies to overcome anxiety and depression. The hardest part is doing them. The more we resist, the harder it is. It’s important to break each step into manageable steps. 

Today is Bell Let’s Talk here in Canada. It has been an incredible initiative to get people talking about Mental Health and how it affects many of us (family and friends included).

If you have someone in your life struggling right now, just be present and listen. If you are the “someone” then reach out, someone will listen. You are NOT alone.