Your Simple Guide to Understanding the Chakra Base


A sense of ease

Less worry and fear

Normal weight (possible loss/gain)


Abundance in your life

Ability of letting go of attachments

Sense of security and survival


Not grounded, dizzy, flighty, hopeless

Overly practical, habitual, tied down

Lack of appetite or overeating

Having trouble with your family

Lack a sense of belonging

Poor health, low blood pressure

Lacking dreams or imagination

The Sanskrit name for the base chakra is Muladhara. Translation is root support. It is often referred to as our root chakra.  

Location: base of the spine

When we are connected with our base Chakra, we are connected to our instincts. This is the foundation of our entire chakra system. If this chakra is blocked, it compromises our entire Chakra system.

Often it contains patterns passed down from our families (bloodline and souline). We can easily connect with our heritage, our families, our traditions or our ancestors.

By strengthening our base, we strengthen our survival instincts and enhance our ability to deal with reality allowing our other chakras to begin to flow with health, vibrance and energy.

A deficiency in this Chakra disconnects us from our body. This will show itself in being underweight, disorganized and a lack of boundaries.

An excessive amount of energy in this Chakra can show itself by having a lack of safety and security, keeping us from moving forward in our life stopping us from ‘pushing through’ and becoming more stuck.

This can look like ideas and attitudes that are rigid, material greed, excess body weight or extreme tiredness.

Learning to “let go”, becoming more active and more motivated will allow us to move forward, to become unstuck.

When our base chakra is balanced, our world is trustworthy. We then have a strong sense of personal safety and security underlying every step we take in life.


Everyday Ways to Balance Your Base Chakra

  • Reconnecting with your body using practices such as dance, yoga, massage, and physical activity.
  • Hug a tree
  • Wear red
  • Choose red foods, eat protein
  • Practice Earthing (walk barefoot and feel your feet on the ground)
  • A healthy and clean home environment.
  • Spend as much time as possible in nature.
  • Eat healthy and exercise in   a balanced way that suits you.
  • Listen to your body’s needs.
  • Know the signs when illness is coming on, or when you need to take a break etc.


Base chakra crystals

Place these crystals at the base of your spine or carry one of these crystals with you throughout your day for clearing, revitalizing and healing.

  • Apache tear (self-love)
  • Black tourmaline (stress relief, grounding, protection, purifying)
  • Bloodstone (overcome distress or anxiety, balancing the body, aligning lower chakras with heart)
  • Chrysanthemum stone (luck, prosperity)
  • Elestial quartz (physic development)
  • Garnet (health, vitality, joy
  • Hematite (grounding, focus, centering)
  • Onyx (protection, release, calm)
  • Red Calcite (health, vitality, immune boosting)
  • Red Jasper (health, vitality, immune boosting
  • Ruby (health, vitality, fertility, immune boosting, self-love, creativity, luck, prosperity)
  • Shiva lingam (creativity)
  • Smoky quartz (stress relief)
  • Snowflake obsidian (physic development)


Base chakra essential oils

Oils can be used in massage treatments, burned in an oil burner or added to your bath.

Cedar, cedarwood, clary sage, eucalyptus, Frankincense, jasmine, lavender, musk, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, spruce, vetiver, ylang ylang


Base Chakra Color



by Rollie Allaire

Base Chakra Meditation

Check base soon for a Base Chakra Meditation

Chakradance® a licensed program to help you to more fully embody your soul

The music for the base chakra has been composed to clear, activate and balance your base chakra. As you dance, you’ll find that its pulsating, tribal beat strongly connects you to your body and to the earth. The deep vibrations found in the earthy, primal music will help you to connect more deeply with your inner instincts.

The first dance, the dance of the base chakra, draws inspiration from tribal dancing, as found in the indigenous cultures of Africa, Australia and North America. These dances are linked to our roots, survival and grounding.

In Chakradance we envisage dancing around an ancient campfire, bringing our own tribal dance to life. We also draw inspiration from the natural movements found in the animal kingdom. Shamans believe that animals can teach humans the power of instinctual energy and animal dances are deeply entrenched in shamanic ritual.

A tiger, a snake, a dragon may join you – all animals whose energies correspond to the base chakra energies.