Rollie Allaire

This time of year is always one of those touchy subjects. Do you say Merry Christmas … Happy Holidays … or nothing? Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, there are so many things especially in managing the holidays that is stress provoking.

For one, the stores are crazy busy. My husband dreads going into the store at the early part of December. He becomes anxious around people who become impatient, pushy or rude. The tellers are short-tempered and/or frustrated. I don’t always heed my own advice, but if you run into these people look at them and smile. They are obviously having a bad day.

But this is also a time when people are alone or stuck in the inability to provide an “elaborate” Christmas.

In our little community, we have two restaurants that offer a Christmas Dinner ON CHRISTMAS DAY for those who can’t afford it or are alone for the holidays. We have other organizations that offer a Christmas Dinner gathering beforehand. This is the Spirit of Giving at Christmas.

There are many religions and many different Spiritual beliefs around this holiday. Some for and some against, neither are wrong. It’s really about your beliefs. This is NOT a big holiday for me. However, I love being able to gather with my family and friends. It’s a time of year, when many people do have some time off, so it makes it easier.

How can you get through the holiday season? By finding ways to reduce the holiday stress. Prevention is KEY to surviving the holidays.

Try some, or all of these tips:

  • Manage your time and expectations, set priorities and let go of impossible goals.

  • Take time to enjoy and acknowledge the things you’ve accomplished.

  • Break things down into manageable steps.

  • Don’t try to “cram” everything in. Pick things that are most important to you.

  • Simplify things. Ask your family, which traditions are most important to them.

  • Ask for help. Share tasks. Invite others to bring food.

  • Practice self-compassion. Make sure you take time to rest. Time alone is really important to recharge. Sleep 6-9 hours.

  • Avoid overeating, over drinking or starving yourself in anticipation of overindulging.

  • Stay active. Get out. Go for a walk. Eat as well as possible.

  • Spend time with those you care about and, if you can, avoid those who cause you stress.

  • Be mindful and enjoy the beauty, sights and sounds of this season.

  • Spend time in nature.

You may be experiencing a loss of a loved one, feeling isolated, coping with changes, dealing with frustrations or disappointments of the past year — accept these.

Accept YOUR FEELINGS during this time of the “season of joy and happiness”. It’s important to acknowledge that your feelings are valid. Don’t ignore the feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger and depression to simply be in the “holiday cheer”.

Acts of kindness are a great way to reduce stress. Things like: donated to the less fortunate (time, money or things) or send a note of appreciation.

And I think the MOST IMPORTANT … find time to laugh. Do things that make you healthy – MIND, BODY, HEART AND SOUL.

From my home to yours, Happy Holidays … whatever that means to you, during this season.

Much love to you,

Rollie xo



Rollie Allaire, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, Spirit Flame Keeper, and Soul Healer.

My Spirit name is Geegado Megwan Kwe, which means Talking Feather Woman.

I work with women who have experienced childhood trauma, sexual trauma, domestic violence, critical incident stress, mental health, addiction, compassion fatigue and grief to retrieve the lost parts of their soul and achieve wellness, joy, and success.

Since 2001, I draw on my extensive career background of clinical psychotherapy skills and in recent years combine that with Chakra work, Crystal Reiki, ThetaHealing, Akashic Record reading and clearings, meditation, Moon Medicine teachings and looking at life through the Medicine Wheel.

My goal is to create a safe and inviting place for my clients to feel heard, understood, empowered, validated and connected. And most importantly, reclaiming hope.

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